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Translation Services


Professional Human-Powered Translation Services. Using Certified Native Human Linguists With Long-Years Of Experience In Your Subject Matter.
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If You Are Seeking Accuracy and Quality In Translation; You Are At The Right Place.  The Most Accurate Human Translation Service In The Industry. Working Around The Clock 24/7. Contact Us Today For A Risk-Free Quote
Professional Translation Services


Certified Document Translations For USCIS And Immigration, Universities, Schools, Law Offices, Courts, Emergency Passports…etc

Get Peace Of Mind With Our Translation Services. Serving Both Corporations And Individuals Delivering High-End Certified Document Translation Services For Legal Proceedings. Whether You Have Court paperwork, Immigration Documentation, Or a Company Handbook, We Can Get Your Translation Accepted The First Time.


On-Time Fast Translation Services, Even With Your Most Rare Language And Tight Deadlines. Contact Us Today For A Risk-Free Translation Quote. 

Do You Need Emergency Travel Documents For A Same Day Translation? Are You In A Time-Constraint To Return A Translation For Immigration Paperwork or A Legal Property Documentation? We Are Here To Help, Just Give us A Call, And You Will Have Your Translation Ready Same-Day! We Do Not Compromise Accuracy.

Certified Translation Services For Official Purposes

USCIS Approved
Our USCIS certified translation services are 100% approved by the USCIS and immigration services. We include a certification of accuracy with our stamps and signatures for all official purposes including Law Offices, Courts...etc
24 / 7 Customer Service
Serving our clients 24/7 around the clock. Once you send your request, we will get back to you momentarily, so you do not have to jeopardize even your last minute-deadlines urgent translation deadline.
Accredited Business
Certified translation services by qualified linguists. As an active corporate member of the American Translators Association, we have a pool of qualified Linguists who can help you with any translation need.

 The Act Of Translation Defined

The act of translation, in its simplest definition, is “the transfer of meaning from the source language into another.” However, this transfer of meaning is not as simple as it sounds. Especially when it comes to professional translation services that any business or individual can rely on.

A professional and certified translation service entails revealing many levels of underlying meanings in the original context. Our translation gives a rich localization experience and cultural heritage to the text. All those meanings are always present in the minds of our translators during the translation process.

At Elite TransLingo, our translation services are certified, accredited, and culturally oriented. This means that our native linguists pay close attention to the cultural connotation of the original text. By doing so, our native accredited translators always deliver a translation that appeals to our client’s target audiences.

Sometimes we do accurate word-by-word translation service when dealing with official and certified document translations. Those certified translations can range from certificates; bank statements to college degrees ..etc.

Because in such certified document translations, our translators need to transfer the meaning as is, accurately, and without any changes in the original source text. However, this does not mean that we should undermine the cultural background of the original text at any time during the translation process.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Our Translation Services

Translation services assist businesses in reaching out globally and communicating across different languages and cultures. These services include legal, medical, literary, and technical translation as well.

Elite TransLingo is a dependable translation service provider that uses native speakers, subject specialists, and technology to ensure the precision and uniformity of your technical terminology.

Translation Quality

Our translation services are a cost-effective way to go global while addressing diverse customers and building your reputation as a brand. At the same time, we deliver accurate translations on time. Therefore, when choosing a provider for quality translations, it is essential to know that they are aware of the local cultures and emphasize accuracy in the work.

Professional business translation services’ precision and efficiency can be instrumental in helping you meet your company’s international expansion objectives. In line with this, we often use recent technologies such as translation memory, which facilitates the translation process, thus increasing its accuracy and ensuring consistent content quality. At Elite TransLingo, we also have the necessary industry experience to translate medical, legal, technical, and financial documents, as well as software, website content, and marketing material. 

Translation Speed

Global business operations move at a tremendous pace and, therefore, need translation services that can turn around projects quickly. Timeliness is vital for meeting deadlines, as well as reaching international audiences effectively. At Elite TransLingo, we have a proven track record for quality and speed to achieve the best results.

We reduce the turnaround time of your project by using technology and other project management techniques to hasten its completion, thus improving customer experiences in general. Therefore, with Elite TransLingo, you can get your content out faster while improving the overall customer experience.

Time is essential while translating documents; document size complexity and language choice are factors involved. For larger projects, several translators might be needed to speed up translations, whereas proofreading and revisions will take longer. Yet, such delays would be worthwhile when it comes to delivering high-quality translations.


Translation is the conversion of a text into another language while trying to preserve the original meaning. For instance, an effective translation service can adapt marketing materials for local audiences while keeping consistency across several markets. From this point of view, it implies that a good translation service must understand different cultures and have an exhaustive quality control mechanism.

 Elite TransLingo is a translation service vendor that provides human translation, editing, and proofreading services. This allows our clients to select the most appropriate method for their particular project while guaranteeing its quality. We also utilize translation memory tools, therefore saving time and money when using exact translations in subsequent projects. These kinds of things are quite helpful in improving turnaround times while minimizing errors or inconsistencies when doing any work related to marketing translation, for example.


Multilingual SEO

Optimizing websites for different languages may seem like an easy task, but when you optimize for SEO, you need to know that the culture and search habits of a target market matter a lot. To illustrate this, if localizing an English website to be used in French-speaking markets, one should consider changing keywords to suit its cultural background better so that it matches the French search environment.

Therefore, at Elite TransLingo, when translating content into a language other than your own native tongue, we utilize the proper culture with the target audience in mind. We also select the appropriate file format and URL structure for your SEO content. Trust Elite TransLingo with your translation services today, and contact us for a free quote.

Certified Translation Services

At Elite TransLingo, we provide an official, certified, and notarized document translation services. We provide our services to law offices, courts, doctors, and local individuals for USCIS and immigration use.

Legal Translation Services

It is very crucial to understand any legal document before taking action. Elite TransLingo is helping local courts, lawyers, legal immigrants, and US citizens translate and certify their documents into as many as 150 languages

Medical Translation Services

To better communicate with doctors and patients, we provide accurate medical translation services including- medical reports, medical patient records, medical presentations, medical researches, medical books.

Financial Translation Services

Financial translations are the cornerstone of every business. We do financial translation services on a daily basis for all kinds of documents from financial letters to bank statements and tax reports.

Technical Translation Services

Technical manuals explain to the normal user how to operate an instrument,  a device, or a certain tool. Customer loyalty is very important. it is also important to have your technical translations done right.

Business Translation Services

Business translation services is an important language solution among small and big organizations alike. local and international companies need a reliable translation service to facilitate business communication.

Government Translation Services

Serving the US State and Federal government agencies for more than a decade with high-end, professional translation services. Covering more than 150 languages with a team of local US professional and certified linguists. 

Immigration Translation Services

USCIS Certified and approved translation services for immigration purposes covering all languages. We translate documents such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, passport t, apostille, medical report…

Website Translation Services

Human-powered professional website translation services. Now you can translate your website content into as many languages as possible. Including translating website contents, videos, tutorials, landing pages, graphs…etc 

Marketing Translation Services

Promotional and marketing material translation services. Venture into the world and translate your marketing material into as many languages as you need. We translate brochures, flyers, marketing emails…etc

Literary Translation Services

Literary translation is the art of translating fiction related materials from English into other languages and vise versa. Including novels, books, poems…etc. We are pioneers in the book and literary translation services.

Email Translation Services

Translating business and personal emails. sometimes it is very important to correspond with others in their native tongue for better understanding especially when it comes to sensitive business or legal matters. 

Any Language, Any Subject, Any Specialty

 With over a decade of experience in the translation industry, Elite TransLingo is confident in the accuracy and perfection of our translation services. At Elite TransLingo, we cover all kinds of languages, from Arabic to Zulu; all those languages are served professionally to our clients and with strict quality control procedures during the translation process.

Our company can meet your language translation requirements even if it is one of the world’s rarest languages. Our long successful years of working experience enable us to have a pool of over 3000 qualified and accredited linguists in over 50 locales around the globe. Those translators can meet your translation needs with high quality, on time, and within the most affordable rates in the translation market.

Choosing A Human Translation Service

Language is not a constant, and it is not only in permanent evolution, but it can also entail many layers of human emotions and reasoning as well. The human language translation is a living, ever-evolving art the machine can hardly master.

While a machine can accurately calculate infinite strings of numbers, it cannot convey the nuances of emotions, the underlying meanings of sentences, or the legal language, to mention just a few.  And when a comma can alter the intention of a sentence, an experienced translator becomes essential. Not to mention the fact that human translations cannot be identical. Two translators sometimes disagree on a word choice that is appropriate to use.

What about the Languages that are not Latin-driven, such as Arabic, Japanese, Hmong…etc.?
For languages that are not Latin-Driven, such as the Arabic language, for example, Machine translation tools are way behind. It has to be monitored by a human linguist. The technology of Machine Translation works by compiling large databases of translations with statistical algorithms. This way, it can predict words’ appearance and locations in one sentence. Such languages are not dependent on algorithms but rather on reasoning. When it comes to reasoning, only a human mind can translate correctly.

To sum up, a Machine Translation can not do the job without a diligent linguist. An Experienced Linguist can fix the imperfections of a machine. While both Machine Translation and human translation go side by side in today’s translation industry, human translation will always produce a more native and accurate translation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get To Know The Answers To Your Questions Before Ordering Your Translation Project

In the translation industry, with multiple languages, specialties, and different options available for our clients, it is always good to know what you need to order ahead of time. Translation business, like many other businesses, entails lots of details that many of our clients are not aware of. At Elite TransLingo we are open to answering all client’s questions by email and phone calls 24/7.

Getting yourself acquainted with your order and its process is a must. For example, you need to know when and how you will receive your translation order and what is the method of delivery, if there is an express delivery available, pricing…etc. Here, we are explaining everything the client needs to know ahead of confirming the translation order.

Elite TransLingo is a certified language service provider that can help you communicate accurately and professionally into as many as 150 languages. We provide certified translation and interpretation services as well. Our certified document translations are accurate, professional, and accepted for official purposes.


We also provide certified interpretation services, not to mention a wide array of other services like transcription, localization, and voice-over services, among others. So it is always good to stand on what you need to know regarding your specific project. To help our clients better understand the translation process, we explained here some of the main questions and answers that our clients always ask. If you need more information on your certified translation, interpretation, or any other language service, please feel free to give us a call, and one of our project managers will be able to help you.

Elite TransLingo can provide professional, accurate and certified human translation services to be used for official purposes including: Law offices, courts, schools, universities, USCIS and immigration services. That being said, our certified translation services covers both the legal, medical ,educational and business translations as well.

As an example of legal documents which include; contracts, lease, agreements, power of attorney, legal case descriptions, court notices…etc. And for the medical documents we cover all official medical letters for immigration, medical reports, medical transcriptions..etc.

For the USCIS and immigration services we we can do Marriage certificate translation- Divorce certificate translation- University diploma translation- Marriage licence translation- School, college and university degree translation- School transcript translation- High school diploma translation- Passport & immigration translation- Visa and USCIS documentation translation- Driver license and DMV documentation translation.

In addition to USA apostilles translation- Official affidavit translation-Death certificate translation – Adoption document translation- Medical statement & medical reports translation- Immunization & Health records translation and notarization- Court hearings and tax reports translation- Others.

Most of the time we send the certified translations same or next business day if it is one or two pages. If original documents have more pages to translated it might require additional days to have the official translation certified and ready. 

Once the translation is ready we sent it to you both as a printable PDF by email, and we also send the original certified translations to your home or business address via USPS mail. We also do have an express and certified mail option if needed.

Absolutely, our certified translation services are 100% USCIS approved, as we have been working with USCIS and Immigration translation services for over a decade by now, and all our translations are 100% Accepted by the USCIS.

Also our translations are certified and accepted for US courts, law offices, and legal proceedings. We can also notarize our own translations in addition to the certification we provide if needed. Just please specify in your request.

Language is not a constant, and it is not only in permanent evolution, but it can also entail many layers of human emotions and reasoning as well. The human language translation is a living, ever-evolving art, that machines can hardly master.

While a machine can accurately calculate infinite strings of numbers, it is incapable of conveying the nuances of emotions, the underlying meanings of sentences, or the legal language, to mention just a few.  And when a comma can alter the intention of a sentence, an experienced translator becomes essential. Not to mention the fact that human translations cannot be identical, two translators sometimes disagree on a word choice that is appropriate to use. That is why a machine translation can not be used for official purposes, including legal contracts, immigration paperwork, or sensitive scientific documents. It will always need the vigilant human eye of a linguist to make sure the translation is 100 percent accurate for official purposes.

You do not need to pay us a visit if you have a few documents to be translated. Nowadays, especially after the Pandemic, a lot of our clients prefer to send us the documents electronically for an estimate. Once the translation is completed and certified, we can send it back to you as a certified and printable PDF to be used for electronic filing. We can also mail it to your home or business address for free. However, you can always pay us a visit and give us a call first if needed to make an appointment. 

Once the translation is ready we sent it to you both as a printable PDF by email, and we also send the original certified translations to your home or business address via USPS mail. We also do have an express and certified mail option if needed.

While other companies may use machine translation tools in almost every single job, at Elite TransLingo, we make sure to prioritize human translation, especially when it comes to certificates and sensitive legal documents. Also, other translation service providers may provide catchy prices for possible clients, and once they start the translation order process, they keep increasing the cost for translation, document notary, and shipping. We give one price the first time, and we stick to our word. Our translation quality is flawless, and we can fix any issue that can accidentally arise free of charge.

Also, our translations are certified and accepted for USCIS and immigration, the US courts, law offices,  banks, universities, schools, and many legal proceedings. We can also notarize our own translations in addition to the certification we provide if needed. Just please specify in your request for a translation quote.