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Video Games Translation Services

Video Games Translation Services from Elite TransLingo

Video game translation services are specialized language services that focus on translating video games from one language to another. These services ensure that the game’s text, dialogues, menus, subtitles, and other textual elements are accurately and effectively translated while maintaining the intended meaning and context.

Our Video Games Translation Services Involve The Following Process

  • Localization: Crafting the game’s content to align with our target players’ cultural and language preferences. It means translating the text and tweaking cultural references, idiomatic expressions, and humor to ensure they fit seamlessly into the target language.
  • Translation of Game Text: During this stage, we translate everything in the game – dialogues, cultural idioms, character names, item descriptions, interface bits and bobs, tutorials, and more. Our mission is to ensure players in the target language have a seamless and appealing gaming experience.
  • Voiceover and Subtitling: If the game features voice acting, our translation service can step up by offering voiceover services. This means bringing in skilled voice actors fluent in the target language. Our VO artists ensure the dialogue maintains the same level of tone and delivery as the original version.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensuring top-notch quality is a must to guarantee an accurate and consistent translation. This process includes putting the translated game through rigorous testing to spot any language errors, grammatical mistakes, or technical hiccups. 
  • Cultural Adaptation: Here, we start tailoring game elements to match the norms, preferences, and even the legal requirements of the target culture. This might mean tweaking the storyline’s game mechanics, visuals, or aspects to ensure there are no cultural misunderstandings along the way.
  • Finale Delivery and Customer Support: Here, we hand over the fully translated and localized game, complete with all its necessary files, to our valued client. Also, we provide any technical assistance the client might need, including professional guidance during the installation process if it comes into play.

Video Games Translation & Localization Services

Video Games translationImagine bringing a game from one corner of the world to another, not just through language but by tailoring it to captivate a specific audience. That’s the essence of video games localization—more than just translation, it’s about making games resonate deeply with diverse cultures.

Localization isn’t just a tweak here and there; it’s the heart of making a game shine in new markets. Every cultural nuance matters, ensuring players feel right at home in the world of the game. It’s like giving a game a passport to travel the world, speaking the language of every player it encounters.

The challenge isn’t just technical—it’s a deep dive into understanding what clicks with different audiences. For instance, what’s funny in one culture might not elicit a chuckle elsewhere. It’s about navigating those subtleties, crafting an experience that feels tailor-made for each player.

When we talk about video games translation and localization, Elite TransLingo stands tall. We’ve been in the business since 1995, swimming in the currents of language and culture. Our team isn’t just about translating words; they’re artisans crafting an experience. They’re the bridge between worlds, ensuring that every gamer, regardless of their language, feels the thrill of the game. Day and night, we’re here to make that happen.

When developing your video games for international markets, there are a few recommendations to consider for a more manageable and more economical localization and translation process :

  • When designing your video game, keeping text and artwork separate is recommended.
  • Try to keep enough spacing for foreign languages that takes more space than English characters.
  • Keep the dates, numbers, measures, weights, and currency related to the language of your choice.

On-Site Video Games Linguistic Testing & Professional Language Support

At Elite TransLingo, we also offer on-site linguist testing for video games as per our client’s demands. We have an experienced national and international team of local professional linguists in over 100 spoken languages who can help you with on-site linguist testing and support if needed. Please reach out to us with your detailed Video Games translation request, and we will get back to you momentarily.