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Why should I Hire a Translator, when there are free tools like AI and Google Translation?!

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“Why should I hire a translator when there are free online tools such as AI and Google Translation?”

Machine translation post editing servicesMany people tend to ask that tempting question: Why do I need to spend money on professional translation services? When there are tons of online free tools, like Google translation, that offer similar services and are completely free?! The answer  to this question is very simple and yet entails a deep meaning that  needs to be explained to a wide group of internet users;

Language is not a constant, and it is not only in permanent evolution, but it can also entail many layers of human emotions and reasoning as well. The human language translation is a living, ever-evolving art the machine can hardly master.

While a machine can accurately calculate infinite strings of numbers, it is incapable of conveying the nuances of emotions, the underlying meanings of sentences, or the legal language, to mention just a few.  And when a comma can alter the intention of a sentence in a legal context, an experienced translator becomes essential. One of the distinctive qualities of human translation is its ability to grasp the context and convey subtle nuances that machines often overlook. Human translators consider cultural, idiomatic, and regional variations. Not to mention the fact that human translations cannot be identical, two translators sometimes disagree on a word choice that is appropriate to use.

What about the Languages that are not Latin-driven, such as Arabic, Japanese, Hmong…etc?

For languages that are not Latin-Driven such as the Arabic language, for example, Machine translation tools are way behind. It has to be monitored by a human linguist. The technology of Machine Translation works by compiling large databases of translations with statistical algorithms. In this way, it can predict words’ appearance and locations in one single sentence. Such languages are not dependent on algorithms but rather on reasoning. When it comes to reasoning, only a human mind can translate properly.

Professional human translators can ensure confidentiality when it comes to commercially sensitive documents. While free online tools like AI and Google Translate may appear tempting, these won’t guarantee that sensitive data remains private. Professional translators sign Non-Disclosure Agreements so you can rest easy that your business and personal data remain always safe.

To summarize, a Machine Translation can not do the job without a diligent linguist. An Experienced Linguist can fix the imperfections of a machine. While both Machine Translation and human translation go side-by-side in today’s translation industry, human translation will always produce a more native and accurate translation. A poor translation can severely harm your brand and cost you customers. Potential clients will quickly realize when their message has been misconstrued into an unclear or inaccurate description of your product or service, leading them away from you in droves. Hiring professional translators could save both money and customers through improved quality translation. However, the future of Machine Translation and Artificial Intelligence is promising, and Who Knows?!