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Multilingual DTP Services

Multi-Lingual Desktop Publishing Services
Desktop Publishing is the creation of documents with special layouts for printing purposes using certain software and computer programs to create visual displays of ideas that match the original files in both layout and content. Desktop Publishing was first introduced to be used for publication printing purposes. Now it is used in different online forms such as PDF, PowerPoint, E-books..etc.
  • Adobe Acrobat- PDF /PowerPoint / HTML
  • Adobe Illustrator – PNG / JPEG / TIFF / PDF
  • Adobe InDesign – ICML / IDML / IDAP
  • CorelDraw- CDR / JPG / TIFF / PDF
  • Adobe Photoshop – PNG / JPEG / PDF
  • Microsoft Publisher – PUB + PDF

 The Role Of Desktop Publishing Services in The Translation and Localization Process

With business expansion happening around the globe, businesses must provide multilingual content that resonates with target audiences in every language they serve. Translation and localization processes play a pivotal role here; however, formatting this material may prove challenging for companies, making multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) an indispensable asset in this effort.

DTP involves creating a final document from translated text with a design that matches that of its source file, including everything from reformatting bullets and numbering, rearranging tables, resizing graphics, and adding localized images – it all adds up to ensure that the final product looks professional and resonates with its target audience. DTP is an essential step of translation and localization, ensuring a professional product that resonates with readers across any target market.

The Importance Of Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing or Typesetting is an important element of any translation project, especially if the document is large-scale and involves multiple languages. A typeset can make or break the quality of the final translation. There are several factors to consider when formatting text for print. A good multilingual typesetting team will consider these factors to ensure the final translation is error-free.

Getting a high-quality translation requires more than just using a skilled translator. It also involves a rigorous quality assurance process. Although the language of the source text is the most important factor, there are also many other aspects of the Desktop Publishing process that need attention. These include font conflicts, word expansion, and inappropriate graphics, cultural considerations. 

Before you submit your translation for publication, you should ensure that it is error-free. This will help the final document look professional and polished. DTP in translated content is vital to make sure there are no grammatical or typographical errors in the translated text. This, in its turn, ensures there are no misunderstandings when the final version is read by a native speaker.

Why Using Multi-Lingual Desktop Publishing Services?!
At Elite TransLingo, we have been supporting print quality translation services using desktop publishing for over a decade. Desktop Publishing services are very crucial when it comes to conveying the same message in different formats and across different cultures. 
Reflecting The Cultural Differences When Using Our DTP Services
Our DTP Services involves not only specific User Interface design, but also some inherent localization features in the design process. For example Arabic language and decimal letters should go from right to left compared to the left to right in English letters. During our DTP process some suggestions can be made if the design does not go with the target cultures…etc.
Why Elite TransLingo As Your Trusted DTP Service Provider?!
Venturing with your product into a foreign market, and need to have some print outs that reflect the English design but in a different language? Do you have a label or a brochure that needs to get out as accurate and as fast as possible? Look no further as you have reached to the right place for professional Desktop Publishing Services. 
Maintaining Your DTP File Formats With Confidentiality!
With Elite TransLingo, we deliver your files in the exact layout and format as the originals, and on the top we do not jeopardies your confidentiality. We support all DTP software including Adobe InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Microsoft Publisher…etc.