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iOS app localization Services

More Than 15 Years Of Experience In the iOS app localization Industry. Covering More Than 100 Languages. Our iOS app localization Services Include the following:
  • Human Translating Of Content In High Quality.
  • Localization Engineering And Adjustment
  • Quality Assurance And Cultural Adaptation
  • Internationalization Consulting And Professional Localization Project Management

…iOS app localization services refer to the process of adapting an iOS app for use in different languages and regions. This process involves translating the app’s user interface, content, and other elements, such as images and icons, into different languages and cultures, and adjusting the app’s layout and design to accommodate these changes.

Why Choosing Our Professional iOS Localization Services?

At Elite TransLingo, our iOS localization is more than just a simple translation of the iPhone app contents with its user interface, and support files; we at Elite TransLingo are making iOS localization reach more levels of customer-oriented adaptation and multi-lingual cultural integration.

Our translators and localization engineers always make sure to render a translated and localized version of the application that adapts to the target cultural, linguistic, and technical requirements.

In today’s competitive market, you do not need a standard app translated into one language or two; you need to conquer new markets, cultures, and audiences with a comprehensive understanding of iOS localization technology. We at Elite Translingo are here to help you accomplish this goal and to serve you professional iOS app localization services within your budget expectations.

At Elite TransLingo, we perform language and cultural adaptation on your iOS application, from initiating the localization project to testing and support. 

iPhone And iOS Application Localization Services From Elite TransLingo

iphone application localization servicesAs an iPhone Application localization company, Elite TransLingo always communicates the exact language of their clients with their own target audience, because we understand that even the slightest change in dialect can make a big difference in the world of localization.

Because you do not need to jeopardize your company’s name and market share. With over a decade of localization experience for almost all kinds of files, environments, and language contents, Elite TransLingo with its qualified Localization team is capable of making you achieve your iOS App localization goals.

At Elite TransLingo, we provide professional, and affordable iPhone App translation, and Software localization services to major California-based organizations, and other corporations worldwide. Our highly trained translators, editors, and Desktop Publishing Engineers will always help you to come out with localized application content for your iPhone or software,  that is both satisfactory and affordable in price.

We translate and localize iPhone applications into and from all the different spoken language varieties of the world. Whether you need a translation from or into any official language, or even a dialect of the main language, we can provide you with the most reliable iOS App localization services. We translate both the iTunes description of your application together with your app UI so you can get your app ready to be launched into the iPhone App store quickly and reach more potential users.

Reach more potential iPhone users from different countries worldwide, and localize your iPhone Apps with Elite TransLingo today.Contact us now and ask for a free, professional iPhone application translation, and localization quote for the language of your choice.

Choose your Target Market Audience

It is always important to decide the language(s) before venturing with your app into any market. Even the language variety itself makes a great difference. For example; the Spanish of Spain and the Spanish of Mexico make a difference if you want your app for European or South American users. Once you choose the target market, and the expected audience for your app then you will have to get the files ready for localization.

Get your iOS App Files Ready for Translation

Once you have chosen the target audience for your app, the next step is to get the iOS files translated and localized into the languages you choose. To know the details on how to extract the files for your iOs App localization, you can find the best practices for getting the source files of your iPhone app from this Link

Get your Free iOS App Translation Quote

Once the source files are ready, you can use our online quotation form to submit your .strings files for a free translation quote. We accept and work on almost all kinds of file formats. We will also translate your App store application description and images. One of our localization project managers will get back to you with an exact price estimate and a turnaround time to have your iOS application translated and ready.

more informationAt Elite TransLingo, we have been helping local and international clients and communities bridge the communication gap to achieve their localization goals. We translate and localize all kinds of files in over 100 languages.  Also, we send in-house certified translators and language experts to any locations in the USA and overseas. Get your iOs app localization today from Elite TransLingo and save yourselves time and hassle. Get a Free Quote HERE.
Certified Translation Company
Elite TransLingo is a top-notch certified Translation company. Our translators are highly qualified linguists with relevant experience in all fields. They deliver outstanding technical translation services in all technical arenas. At Elite TransLingo, we deliver one of the industry’s most professional and certified translation and interpretation services. 
Elite TransLingo’s team of certified degree professionals is available 24/7 to provide meaningful and standardized language pairs. They have a deep understanding of diverse technical practices. Contact us today for a free legal interpretation quote.
Get Your iOS Localization Done Right The First Time!

Get in touch with Elite TransLingo’s fast, accurate, and confidential iOs Localization services to avoid any costly translation mistakes. Elite TransLingo is always there to help. With our years of experience in the iOS localization market, we are confident you will receive the best possible results at the best iOS app localization price.