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Certified Technical Manual, and Technical Brochure Translation Services


Technical Translation-ETLTechnical manuals explain to the normal user ; how to operate an instrument, a device, or a certain tool. Customer’s loyalty is very important for your company’s image and your brand name. To keep the loyalty of your customers, an accurate translation of your technical documents is essential.

With over a decade of experience in the technical translation field, we are always confident about the quality of our technical translations.

Our clients always rely on our technical translation services. No matter  what language, or specialty they need. We can always delivery the right technical translation, and within their budget expectation. 

  At Elite TransLingo, we have highly specialized, and experienced teams of technical translator in all fields of industry. Our team is ready to provide top-notch, certified technical manual , and brochure translation services with affordable rates.

We also provide Desk Top Publishing work on your technical translation. Our DTP includes translations for images, drawings, and diagrams in your technical document. You will receive a replica of your original manual , or handbook professionally translated, and localized in the language of your choice.

Technical Glossary And Terminology


Because we believe that technical glossaries are very important factor in the consistency of  any technical translations. Our company is keen to provide all our clients with the correct technical jargon. 

At the beginning of every technical translation project, we make sure that you will receive a technical glossary. Our technical project managers will send you the Technical Glossy. Technical glossary include the unique industry-specific technical terms used, and related to your industry.

Using Translation Memories


We at Elite Translingo use translation memory tools in our technical translation and as per our customer’s requirements. Translation memory tools help bring more accuracy and consistency in the translation language itself. It also help saving our customers a lot of time, and money on the long term.

Our technical translation tools are always updated to the latest technology. We also update the translation memory tools to the latest release to cope with the demanding technical translation market

Our Technical Translation Services Include


  • Medical manual translations                                  Technical Brochure Translations                Technical Patents Translations

  • Electronic manual translations                              Technical Flyer Translations                        Software and Hardware UI Translations

  • Engineering manual translations                           Technical Handbook Translations             Technical Safety Manuals  Translations

  • Aviation manual translations                                   Employee Handbook Translations             Technical Proposals Translations

Employee Handbook Translation

Brochure Translation

Technical Manual Translation