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Transcription Services

“Human-Powered & Certified” Transcription Services 

The word transcription according to the English dictionary means “a written record of spoken words or music”.  In the legal and medical communities , accurate transcription of a medical record, a court hearing, or recorded files is extreme importance.

Because it is essential to the doctor and his patient, the lawyer, and his client, and to any individual to have an official written document from a recorded file in general. We at Elite TransLingo have been serving professional and certified medical and legal transcription services to the local individuals,  and business communities in California, and all over the USA since 2009.

“Confidential” Transcription Service You Can Trust

Whether you need medical or legal transcription services, confidentiality is essential to protect the sensitive information of your case. At Elite TransLingo, we have strict confidentiality procedures for our translation and transcription services. Unlike other language vendors, we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with all of our local language professionals. Not to mention that we do not share the material with anyone else except the transcriber. Also, finished transcription can be deleted from our machines per the client’s requests.

All work is transmitted through our secure online server, and all emails are monitored with a strong Anti-virus program to prevent unauthorized access to our essential documentation. In our endless efforts to maximize the confidentiality part for all our certified medical and legal transcription services, we always give our clients the option to drop off the recordings at our office in person. The clients can also pick up the certified transcription once it is ready.

Certified Transcription Services

Certified transcription servicesChoosing a certified transcription service is essential if you are looking for flawless transcription for legal proceedings. As a certified transcription service, Elite TransLingo has transcribers who have undergone rigorous training and have a certificate of authenticity. Additionally, our services include accurate transcriptions that are legally accepted for a cost-effective price.

Transcribing has become a necessary part of any business; many companies now require transcription services, from regular videos to legal audio. If you’re looking for transcription services for your business, we can help you accomplish the job with high-quality accuracy and in a short time.

Not only will this save you time and money, but it will also give you peace of mind. As certified transcription services, our transcribers have specific skills. They specialize in specific fields, such as business, medicine, and law. That is why you are better off having a certified human transcription rather than online machine work.

If your audio or video files are multilingual, we can do both certified translation and transcription services with time codes on the files. At Elite TransLingo we can deliver one certification of accuracy for both the translation and the transcription of your audio or video file. That certification of accuracy makes your files official for legal purposes. Just drop us a note and request a risk-free quote today.


Reasons To Go Elite With Your Transcription Services!
When choosing Elite Translingo for your transcription services, we do not just provide regular transcription, we do provide certified multilingual transcription services with time codes that matches your professional needs. When it comes to official use whether legal, business or personal transcriptions, we are the one who can deliver… In addition, when you choose Elite TransLingo, we provide the following privileges:
When it comes to transcription accuracy, Elite TransLingo is the one to choose. As we do not jeopardize the accuracy of information for the cost. Elite TransLingo is your first choice for accurate and professional transcription services because we do not use software tools to transcribe audio files and only professional human linguists. 


We do all this without changing the accuracy of the content or its translation. So rest assured, your transcription services are done right the first time and the way you want them.
At Elite TransLingo, we are here for your help. With over a decade of experience, we have worked with top companies and organizations worldwide who trusted us with their confidential material for transcription services. Working from coast to coast and globally allowed us to build a solid client base that entrusted Elite TransLingo with their transcription projects.


On top of that, we sign strict non-disclosure agreements with our linguists, project managers, and transcription experts to ensure all our clients’ information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.
At Elite TransLingo we provide the industry’s most affordable audio and video transcription rates. With different pricing models, we simultaneously provide high-end transcription services that are cost-friendly. Because we are a one-stop language shop, we adopted the most affordable techniques to deliver quality multilingual transcription services at the most affordable rates.
Transcription cost will depend on the length of the audi or video files, format, and language. We work with more than 150 languages, and our linguists are always ready for even last-minute transcription requests. To order a free estimate on your transcription project, please click here.