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Certified Technical Translation Services “Handled By Experts”

Technical Translation Services For Your Industry Requirements. With our Industry Expertise, We Serve The Local, National, And International Markets.  With High-Quality Translations And On-Time Delivery.
Accurate Technical Translations You Can Rely On

Accurate and certified technical translation services you can rely on. No matter what industry you are in, we are here to help. Our team of qualified technical linguists is ready to translate your technical documentation right the first time. Our technical translation services are tailored to appeal to your target audience.  Covering more than 150 languages, and all the different industries, Elite TransLingo is your choice, when it comes to accurate technical translation services.

Industrial Translation Services

Oil and Gas Industry Translation

The oil and gas industry has been empowering the 20th century thanks to the rapid and continuous oil and gas ( the black gold) exploration that was initiated by “The Hamill brothers” in Texas, and other places around the world. Nowadays, every machine, car, plane, or equipment is running by either Gas, oil, or its derivatives.


We at Elite TransLingo are experts when it comes to oil and gas translation services. With years of experience in the field and with dedicated professional and experienced translators, we can assure our clients the best possible quality translation in the oil and gas industry, together with the most affordable oil and gas translation rates in the market.

“ Reliability & Accuracy” is our Slogan

In today’s oil and gas exploration market, there is no place for mistakes, which is why many clients choose to go with Elite TransLingo for their energy-related technical translation services, including oil and gas translations. We are also quality fanatics working with professional human language experts only.


We also care about the confidentiality of all and every piece of information received, so rest assured that your oil and gas documents that are needed for translation are in safe hands!


Elite TransLingo covers over 100 languages with high quality and low cost, including; Spanish, Chinese, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, and many more languages, including the rare ones such as the Zulu and Swahili languages. We have been working with a variety of oil, gas, and energy-related documentation including but not limited to :
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Exploration and Strategic Assessment
  • Construction legal Contracts
  • Oil and Gas Documentations
  • Health and Safety documents and Manuals
  • Oil and Gas Bid Documentation
  • Technical and CAD Drawings
  • Pipeline Inspection Reports
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA)
  • Downstream and Upstream Documentation

Defense & Aerospace Translation  Services

Army-and-Defence-Translation-ServicesAerospace translation has been the center of our specialty since 1995. Because when it comes to engineering and technical translation services, it is very crucial to choose the right partner for your resources.
Not only because of the highly technical and confidential nature of the Aerospace and military documents but also because of the expected translation quality itself when it comes to Defense and Aerospace translation and localization services.
Besides providing high-quality technical translation services, We also provide our clients with the most confidential translation services in the industry for Defense and Aerospace purposes. Because most of our qualified native translators are local US citizens who have a strict NDA agreement with our company, and above all, we do not assign any part of our Defense Aerospace translations overseas as other competitors do, so rest assured your documents are in good hands!

E-Learning and Training Translation

E-learning-and-Educational-translation-380x380With the new educational technology and fast internet connection nowadays, education is not just the traditional idea of attending regular classrooms in a university location at specific times anymore. Education now becomes available for anyone willing to learn from the convenience of his own home or work location and within his own preferred time through attending virtual classes over the internet, which is referred to as the word “E-learning.”

There are lots of names for the word ” E-learning,” ranging from “Distance Education” to “electronic and online learning,” not to mention the word “internet learning” and many other words and appreciations used to describe the process of distance education through the internet, and computer. We at Elite TransLingo have provided professional E-learning translation services for individuals, educational institutions, and private universities since 1995.

So when addressing a certain audience in a different country, or even in the same country but speaking a different language, it is very essential to address your students in the same language they speak. By doing so, you will communicate your information more efficiently and help your students understand better in their own native tongue.

At Elite TransLingo, we translate all kinds of E-Learning material, ranging from E-books, Classroom Sessions, lectures, notes, and much other information that might be needed.  Our translators are specialized in all sorts of the education industry; whether it is Engineering, Technical, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Legal, or Computer and IT, you will find our highly experienced translators familiar with all the jargon and technicality of the materials you need to translate.

Clean and Solar Energy Translation Services

Solar-translation-servicesOther than the oil and gas industry translation services, Elite TransLingo is also working with clean and renewable sources of Energy translation services. At Elite TransLingo, we are helping both local businesses and many organizations in the US, Europe, Canada, and all over the world. We also went green! So we do support all kinds of Solar and clean energy document translation services, and we do provide special volume discounts for big translation projects.
Just contact Elite TransLingo today to qualify for our Green Energy translation services discounts. These include but are not limited to translating and localizing clean energy and solar-related documentation. Including any legal paperwork involved in the clean energy industry, not to mention Solar and clean energy-related employee handbooks, all kinds of safety manuals..etc.

Technical Translation Services For The Automotive Industry

automotive-translationIn today’s emerging automotive markets, it is essential to address your target market audiences in their own language that appeals to their cultural backgrounds. The open market industry for automotive manufacturers today is those new market shares in Asia, Africa, and South America, with their various languages and cultures.

We at Elite TransLingo have been helping automotive manufacturers in the USA, Europe, and all over the world since 1995, reaching their target market shares both in Asia, Africa, and South America with solid footsteps. At Elite TransLingo we communicate your ideas and words efficiently, accurately, and in a very confidential manner. Our highly experienced Automotive translators are linguists with immense background knowledge in the automotive engineering industry field.

All of our technical automotive translation services are subject to rigid quality assurance measures of proofreading, editing, copyrighting, or desktop publishing to make sure the target language meets the highest quality standards and appeals to your target audience in a way that makes your automotive product or service compete in your market niche.

Our Highly Technical Automotive Translation Services cover the following :

  • Automotive catalogs, Brochure,s and User Manuals
  • Automotive Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guides
  • Automotive Employee & Training Handbooks
  • Automotive parts and system diagnostics
  • Automotive Warranty & Engine Specification
  • Automotive Websites Translation and Localization
  • Technical Automotive CAD drawings & documentation
  • Automotive fiscal reports, forecasts, profitability analysis

eCommerce Translation & Localization Service

e-commerce-translationThe world of eCommerce and international trade needs online retailers to address buyers in their own language to gain bigger market shares. eCommerce and online store transactions, whether through personal PCs or Cell phones, are growing day by day.

Between 2014 and 2015, e-commerce transactions through mobile phones only grew by more than 35%. This information shows how important it is to localize and translate your eCommerce website. By translating the contents of your eCommerce website, you can address your target audience in their language, no matter where they are.

Not to mention the growing Asian, South Asian, and South American Markets alone, which is another indicator of the great importance of eCommerce localization and translation service on your website or online store.

At Elite TransLingo, you do not have to worry when it comes to translating any part of your eCommerce website, from your product description to your customer reviews; we do it all on your behalf; we also localize the contents of your eCommerce website to make sure it appeals to your target buyers in the countries of your choice.

And Because of our long years of experience in the translation market, we developed highly specialized eCommerce translation teams over the years. At Elite TransLingo, we cover over 100 languages with high quality and affordable rates. Our translators are professional linguists with background experience in almost all the eCommerce fields of industry.

Video Games Translation & Localization Services

Video-games-localization-testingLaunching a new game into the overseas market has been always a cultural challenge. Video game localization is essential for an enjoyable play experience to the end-user, especially when it comes to culturally sensitive contexts.  It is a big decision for the stakeholders to consider the expected huge profit generated by addressing promising market audiences in their mother languages.

To dominate international market shares, it is essential to consider addressing audiences in different cultures with different designs, development, and content.

Elite TransLingo is the language vendor you can count on for video game translation and localization services. Because we have both the resources and the experience in the translation and localization industry since 1995. Our quality assurance teams of human professional linguists, proofreaders, and desktop publishing engineers are available 24/7 for your support.

When developing your video game for international markets, there are a few recommendations to consider for an easier, and more economical future localization and translation process :

  1. When designing your video game, it is recommended to keep both texts and artwork separate.
  2. Try to keep enough spacing for foreign languages that takes more space than English characters.
  3. Keep the dates, numbers, measures, weights, and currency related to the language of your choice.

Finance Translation Services

Financial translation servicesIn an industry where the flow of capital is vital for international trade, accurate financial translation services are becoming a must for proper worldwide financial transactions. Accurate financial language communication is also a must when translating any bank-related document. The world of banking and finance knows no mistakes or delays, and neither are our financial translation services.

At Elite TransLingo, we provide high-quality translation services for finance and banking sectors inside the USA and worldwide. Dealing with over 100 languages spoken by elite selected linguists with financial backgrounds and experience, we can assure the accuracy of your financial translation. At Elite Translingo, we apply the most rigid quality assurance procedures when it comes to financial translation services. Not to mention the highly confidential measures we choose to give our clients the most confidential financial translation service in the industry.

Confidentiality Matters

Confidential translation servicesUnlike many translation vendors in the market, we at Elite TransLingo have a rigorous confidentiality measure that we adopt during all the different phases of our financial translation process; Our translators are screened and closely chosen to accomplish a secure financial translation service for our clients.

All our correspondences are done through a secure email server with virus-free computers. Also, our translators securely delete all translated files from their devices once the translation job is finished. Not to mention that we sign strict Non Disclosure Agreements with all of our financial translators to maximize the confidentiality and security of every financial document translated and for the general benefit of our clients.

Our high-quality finance translation services include the following:

  • Financial documents and Loan Applications
  • Corporate Financial Bonds & Fund Fact Sheets
  • Shareholder and annual financial reports
  • Financial Investment and Loan Documentation
  • Financial Bids and Requests for Proposals ( RFP)
  • Financial Websites Translation and Localization
  • Compliance Training and Corporate Communications
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control Documentation

Social Media Translation and Localization Services

Social media translation services
Social media translation services

     Having a social media account for business means endless sharing and exposure possibilities. However, limiting your account to be seen by only one language, one country, one specific audience, or one regional group is becoming a significant communication barrier. In today’s world of globalization, social media users react better if addressed in their language. Not to mention the fact that 9 out of 10 European internet and social media users would prefer to browse the web in their mother tongue if given the option.

Social media websites, whether Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or Tumblr, is always in English regardless of the country you are targeting or the audience receiving your message. With a proper translation, and localization of your tweets, Facebook shares, or social media articles, your voice and your company’s image can be reached worldwide professionally. When it comes to cultural differences, localization does matter!

Even though some social media websites provide raw machine translation, it is not sufficient if you want a professional business article, for example, to be tweeted, and re-tweeted thousands of times with your company’s image at stake. We at Elite TransLingo have been professionally translating and localizing social media content since 2009.

At Elite TransLingo, we do not just perform a regular translation of your social media content, but we also localize some pictures and contents of your article before you share it in different parts of the world. We always give our clients localization and cultural advice on which language, colors, or locations to choose for optimum worldwide business exposure.

Professional LinkedIn Profile Translation

In today’s open globalization market, companies are now hiring worldwide, from the Gulf Arab Countries to the Heart of Europe and from the Far East of Japan to the far South of Singapore and Australia. And during the complex hiring process, a translated LinkedIn profile is a huge advantage.

As a LinkedIn Professional who wants endless possibilities and exposure to your personal LinkedIn profile, it is a good idea to translate your LinkedIn profile into as many languages as possible. You may also need to translate your resume if you plan to find a job and relocate overseas.

At Elite TransLingo, we are experts in introducing professional translated and localized LinkedIn profiles to the world. Whether you are a company’s CEO, a Senior Consultant, or a fresh graduated Candidate, with us, you will get your regular LinkedIn profile professionally translated and localized within 24 hours.

Our LinkedIn profile translations are always delivered in high quality and at the most affordable rates in the translation market. So give us a call today, or send us an email to translate your LinkedIn profile into the languages of your own choice.

Technical Manual Translation Services

technical translation The dictionary definition of a technical manual is; ” a Document containing instructions for installation, operation, use, maintenance, parts list, support, and training requirements for the effective deployment of equipment, machine, process, or system.”Knowing that such documents are highly technical, it is essential to know which company or translation vendor you send your technical manual to be translated to. We at Elite TransLingo have worked in the technical translation field for over ten years. We built a solid database of specialized and accredited technical translators for over 100 languages. Our translators are not only native linguists but accredited and certified translators with years of experience translating technical manuals and related technical materials in all fields of industry.

Automatic Technical Desk-Top Publishing Work During the Translation Process

At Elite TransLingo, you do not have to assign the desktop publishing part of your technical manual to another vendor after it is translated. Because we are a one-stop language shop, we also translate any diagrams, drawings, or illustrations that might be included in the technical manual. Our Desktop Publishing engineers and our technical project managers will be able to help you step by step in all the different phases of the technical translation process. At Elite TransLingo, we support all kinds of file formats, including but not limited to Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Autodesk, AutoCAD, and CorelDRAW files.

The Use of Technical Terminology List and Technical Translation Memories

As a quality assurance measure in all of our technical manual translations, we consider Technical terminology lists as must-haves in all technical translations because they help deliver more consistent translation work on the complete manual. So before we even start your technical manual translation, our translation project manager will work on a technical terminology list on the language(s) you choose. At Elite TransLingo, we sometimes use translation memories per our client’s request and for a better consistent translation quality on the full technical manual.

Our Technical Manual Translations Include

  • Engineering and Construction Manual                         Operating Device Technical Manuals
  • Employee Handbooks and HR Manual                        Device maintenance Technical Manual
  • Electronic and Engineering Manual                              Parts list and operation instructions
  • Healthcare and Medical Device Manual                       Support and Training Technical Documents
  • Technical Device Specifications                                    Aviation and Automotive Technical Manuals

Pioneering the Field of Professional Life Sciences Translations and Medical Language Solutions Since 1995

Elite TransLingo has been a pioneer in Certified Medical translations and life sciences language solutions since 1995. We have been helping local, national, and international medical organizations, hospitals, and research centers with their life sciences translation requirements for over a decade. We are specialized in Medical Devices Translations, Clinical Trials translations, and Pharmaceutical Translation Services.

With our headquarter office located a few miles away from Silicon Valley, California, Elite TransLingo was able to help multiple Life Sciences California- based small and big medical organizations to grow in revenues. Besides working locally in California, we also work globally to provide professional life sciences and medical translation services to national and international organizations in Europe, Canada, the middle east, and worldwide.

With over ten years of experience in the medical translation fields, we built a solid client base in the medical and life sciences translation and localization services. Add to our hands-on medical language industry; Our company applies extreme quality standard measures when it comes to life science translation services. The primary purpose of our high-quality translation measures is to ensure that all of our translations are rendered to meet the highest possible quality inspired by  ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and EN 15038 Standards. 

All of our translators are highly qualified native linguists with life science background experience and a proven track record of medical translation, especially in life science. Because our experienced medical translation team is committed to delivering the highest life-sciences translations to our clients, we ensure that all of our translated work is checked and double-checked by a separate and experienced native medical linguist for proofreading and reviewing purposes before the final delivery phase.