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At Elite TransLingo, our translation services are certified, accredited, and culturally oriented . Which means that all of our native linguists pay close attention to the cultural connotation of the original text. By doing so, our native accredited translators always deliver a translation that appeals to the target audiences of our clients. Accuracy and delivery times are paramount.
Launching your product or service into a foreign market without the right localization testing tools will harm your name. Localization is not just the translation of your software or application. Localization is understanding the culture behind such translations. Then showing that culture in the final product or service to the end user. We are here to help you finding the right tools.
We facilitate the oral communications both simultaneously and consecutively between our customers and their respective clients. Elite TransLingo covers more than 150 of the world languages, our professional and certified interpreters are ready to help you with any simultaneous , or consecutive translation or interpretation services.
The word transcription according to the English dictionary means “a written record of spoken words or music”. It is very important to accurately transcribe a medical record, or a court hearing. Because it is essential to the doctor and his patient, as much as to the lawyer and his client to have an official written document from a recorded file in general. That is why we are here for help.
Because our voice over artists are equipped with the latest recording technology , we can meet any kind of recording quality that is required by our clients. Just ask for the talent you want, and specify your recording quality requirements, and one of our talented voice over artists will record your voice over message in the exact specification you might ask for.
A Comprehensive Language Solution Services Agency


Certified Language servicesElite TransLingo is a “one-stop language shop” translation services provider so you don’t have to rely on multiple agencies with different ideas about quality. Elite TransLingo provides high quality translation services and cultural solutions with affordable rates.

Our Translation Services are accurate, on time and within your budget expectations. We cooperate with a network of reliable, highly skilled partners. And all of our linguists offer services in their own native languages spoken in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

All of our experienced translators pay close attention to details for the translation and localization services they provide. and their work pass through rigid quality assurance process before sending to the client or the end user. Other than our top-notch translation services, we also provide high quality interpreing, localization, transcription and an array of different high quality language services.

How Can We Serve Your Language Needs?

If you need professional language services, you have come to the right place. Our company offers high quality translation, interpretation, editing, proofreading, and localization services with competitive rates in the translation industry.

We work with both accuracy and punctuality for rendering all sorts of translations for documents, websites, books, software, and mobile applications. During our localization process we use top-of the notch localization software management tools like TRADOS, SDLX.

We also provide comprehensive language translation services with a mouse click,covering all kinds of languages from Arabic to Zolo! Just drop us a note and get an immediate free quote…

Culturally-Oriented Language Services

The act of translation, in its simplest definition, is “the transfer of meaning from the source language into another.” However, this transfer of meaning is not as simple as it sounds. Especially when it comes to professional translation services that any business or individual can rely on.

A professional and certified translation service entails revealing many levels of underlying meanings in the original context. Our translation gives a rich localization experience and cultural heritage to the text. All those meanings are always present in the mind of our translators during the translation process.

At Elite TransLingo, our translation services are certified, accredited, and culturally oriented. This means that all of our native linguists pay close attention to the cultural connotation of the original text. By doing so, our native accredited translators always deliver a translation that appeals to the target audiences of our clients.

Sometimes we do accurate word-by-word translation services when dealing with official and certified document translations. Those certified translations can range from certificates, and bank statements to college degrees ..etc.

Because in such certified document translations, our translators need to transfer the meaning as is, accurately, and without any changes in the original source text. However, this does not mean that we should undermine the cultural background of the original text at any time during the translation process.

Any Language, Any Subject, Any Specialty  

With over a decade of experience in the translation industry, Elite TransLingo is confident in the accuracy and perfection of the translation services that we present to local and international customers. At Elite TransLingo, we cover all kinds of languages, from Arabic to Zulu; all those languages are served professionally to our clients and with strict quality control procedures during the translation process.

Our company can meet your language translation requirements even though it is one of the rarest languages on the planet. Our long successful years of working experience enable us to have a pool of over 3000 qualified and accredited linguists in over 50 locales around the globe. Those translators can meet your translation needs with high quality, on time, and at the most affordable rates in the translation market.


Check out our featured high-quality and certified language services which include: Certified document translation services, professional sign language services, and language learning and training services. 
Certified Handbook Translation Services
Certified handbook translation services covering all Languages. Especially the Spanich, Chinese, and Punjabi languages. Our handbook translations can be used for all kinds of official purposes. Contact us today.
Certified Document Translation Services
Certified document translation services for official, and legal use, including law offices, courts, USCIS and Immigration. We service over 100 languages and our certified translations are 100% accepted.
Legal Transcription Services
Professional and certified video, and audio translation and transcription services that can be used for legal proceedings. Our video and Audio transcripions are done by human transcribers only, and with time codes.
Monica Cardenas
Marketing Manager

It is my pleasure to recommend Elite TransLingo as a translator. We worked with Elite TransLingo to translate a technical document from English into Spanish and from English into Khmer. We worked directly with Omar Kandil, Senior Localization Project Manager, on the project. The company offers quality translation services, competitive rates, and a quick turnaround.

Twitter testimonial
“Silvia Ramirez”

We subsequently contacted Elite TransLingo to translate some pages for a new product on our website from English to Chinese. The translations were done correctly and were always received on time. All questions and queries that I had were always promptly and politely answered. I would happily recommend Elite Translingo to manage any of your translation needs. “Silvia Ramirez”

John dear
Robert Brown

I have worked with Elite TransLingo for over two years and have been extremely happy with their ability and services. We mainly use their services for technical manual translations into multiple languages. They have translated to communicate with high-end clients; hence, their services are essential to our business. Elite TransLingo is prompt, efficient, thorough, and enjoyable to work with

Josefina Enriquez

Elite TransLingo is a reliable translation business partner for our projects in the Bay Area, CA, since 2009. We always assign multiple documents for translation to Elite, and they deliver quality translation services for the languages we asked for. Their responses are seamless, and their technical support team and translation project managers are knowledgeable and helpful who answered our questions in no time.  ”

Sharon Baig

We assigned some of our new Gucci Perfume labels to be translated by Elite TransLingo. Elite Delivered professional and flawless translation work. Most importantly, they delivered the translations before the agreed deadline. We highly appreciate the work done by Elite on short notice; we recommend everybody and every business to use Elite TransLingo for their professional translation needs.