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Technical Translation Services


Accurate and Professional Technical Translation and Desktop Publishing Services. Do not jeopardize your company’s reputation, and get your Technical translations done right the first time. With Elite TransLingo, we can help you accomplish that goal.

Technical translation is a specialized process in which documents created by experts are translated into another language. These documents typically cover a variety of technical subjects and contain specialized terminology. Translating these documents requires an expert level of knowledge in the subject area, as well as a thorough knowledge of the relevant terminology and writing conventions.

To get the job done correctly, technical translators read and understand the original text to determine its context, register, and tone and prepare for specific technical terminology. Our technical translators have to follow specific rules and ethics and often have to deal with sensitive technical information. A technical reviewer may be employed to help ensure the accuracy of a technical translation. A technical reviewer does not need to be a linguist but can check that terminology is being translated accurately.

Translation services for technical content may also require adaptation for specific audiences. This can involve converting measurement units, currencies, and other cultural staff. Elite TarnsLingo has been helping local and international clients with professional and localized technical translation services for the past two decades.

Years Of Experience Talks In Our Behalf!

More Than 25 Years Of Experience In The Technical Translations And Technical Language Industry. Covering More Than 100 Languages With Technical Terminology. Our Technical Translation Services Include:
  • Technical Safety Manual Translation
  • Employee Handbook Translation 
  • Technical Patent and IP Translation
  • Medical and Life Sciences Translation
  • Military & Defense Translation Services
  • Patent and Legal IP Translation Services
  • Software and Hardware UI Translation
  • Technical User Guides Translation
  • Technical Document Translation
  • Technical Training Material Translations
  • Brochures And Data Sheets Translations
  • Bids And RFP Document Translation

Technical translation services involve translating technical documents such as manuals, instructions, user guides, patents, scientific papers, engineering reports, and other technical content from one language to another. These translations require high accuracy and precision to ensure the target audience understands the technical information correctly. 

Technical Translation Services

Get Your Technical Translations Done By Our Experts At Elite TransLingo Today!

We Hire Only Experts In Technical Translations, Who are Linguists In the First Place, To Make Sure You Receive Flawless Technical Translation Services. Our Technical Translations Also Treated With Atomosts Confidentiality, And Go Through Meticulous Quality Assurance Process. So Rest-Assured Your Translations Are In Good Hands. Contact Us Today For A Free Translation Quote.

Our Process For A Risk-Free Technical Translation Quote is Easy. With Elite TransLingo, We Reply To Your Quotes And Questions Momentarily. Trus Elite TransLingo, And Get Your Technical Translations Done With Us Today.

Safety Manual Translation Services

saftey manual translation services company from Elite TransLingo

Glossary And Terminology For Technical Translations

Because we believe that technical glossaries are a very important factor in the consistency of any technical translations. That is why our company is always keen to provide all our clients with the correct technical jargon. 

At the beginning of every technical translation project, we ensure you receive a technical glossary. Our technical project managers will send you the Technical Glossy. The technical glossary includes the unique industry-specific technical terms used and related to your industry.

Using Translation Memories

We at Elite Translingo use translation memory tools in our technical translation and as per our customer’s requirements. Translation memory tools help bring more accuracy and consistency to the translation language itself. It also helps save our customers a lot of time and money in the long term. 

Our technical translation tools are always updated to the latest technology. We also update the translation memory tools to the latest release to cope with the demanding technical translation market.

Technical & Safety Manual Translation Services
Certified Technical Manual Translation Services By Native Human Subject-Matter Experts. Including Desktop Publishing And Technical Manual Content Localization.
Employee Handbook Translation Services- Certified and Official
Certified Employee Handbook Translation Services Into Spanish and More Than 200 Languages. Our Employee Handbook Translations Are Accepted For Official Use.
Technical Patents Translation Services And IP Filings
Technical Patent and Intellectual Property Translation Services Helping Clients Across The Globe With Multilingual IP Translations And Certified Patent Translation Services.
Technical Medical and Life Sciences Translation Services
Certified Medical and Life Sciences Translation Services. Including, Medical Devices Translations, Clinical Trials, Medical Manuals, Patient Consent forms...etc.
Software & Hardware User Interface Translations
Software And Hardware User Interface Translation And Localization Services. Technical Translation Services For Software, Computers and Information Technology..etc
Military Defense & Aerospace Translation Services
Certified Military Defense and Aerospace Technical Translation Services. Including Certified Document Translations, And Accredited Human Interpreting Services...etc.

Certified Technical Manual And Technical Brochure Translations

Technical Manual translation
Technical Manual translation

Technical manuals explain to the normal user how to operate an instrument, a device, or a certain tool. Because customer loyalty is very important for your company’s image and your brand name, also, it is very important to keep the loyalty of your customers. That is why an accurate translation of your technical documents is essential. With over a decade of experience in the technical translation field, we are always confident about the quality of our technical translations.

Because our clients always rely on our technical translation services. No matter what language or specialty they need. We can always deliver the right technical translation within their budget expectation. Not to mention the fact that we cover over 100 languages for all fields and expertise.

  At Elite TransLingo, we have a highly specialized and experienced team of technical translators in all fields of industry. And our team is always ready to provide top-notch, certified technical manual and brochure translation services at affordable rates.

We also provide Desk Top Publishing work on your technical translation. Our DTP includes translations for images, drawings, and diagrams in your technical documentation. You will receive a replica of your original manual or handbook professionally translated and localized in the language of your choice.

Our Technical Translation Services Include Document Translations Such As:

  • Employee Handbooks Translation
  • Engineering manual translations 
  • Safety Manuals  Translation
  • Technical Proposal Translations
  • Aviation manual translations  
  • Technical Brochure Translations
  • Financial documents Translations
  • Financial Tax Return Translations
  • Video Games Scripts Translations
  • Construction Contracts Translations
  • Oil and Gas Documents Translations
  • Environmental Files Translations
  • Medical manual translations
  • Technical Brochure Translations
  • Technical Patents Translations
  • Electronic manual translations
  • Technical Flyer Translations
  • Software User Interface Translations