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Interpretation Services


Professional Interpreting Services For Both Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation. Certified Database Of Legal And Medical Interpreters Serving Your 24/7 Around The Clock. Covering All Languages and Industries.


Professional And Certified On-Site Interpreting Services. Both Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting For Your Business, Conference Meetings, And For All Other Legal And Medical Appointments, Including the USCIS. Covering Any Language, And All Industries. 24/7 Customer Support With A Risk-Free Interpretation Quote.
Professional Interpretation Services


Video-Remote Interpreting? We Can Definitely Help!
Certified Remote Interpretation Services Including  Skype, Video Conference, Zoom, And Virtual Interpretation. We Connect You With The Right Interpreter In The Language Of Your Choice. Covering All Languages, And Any Specialty. Trained And Specialized Interpretation Team Ready To Serve You.


Worldwide Interpreting For All Languages- We Bring Distances Close!
Professional Interpretation Services Anywhere inside the USA, AND Overseas. We Are Working With A National And Internation Team Of Trained And Certified Interpreters, Covering All Languages. Including The Rarest Of them From Swahili To Zulu. Just Get In Touch With Our Team To Confirm Availability.

 Facilitating Simultaneous & Consecutive Oral Communication

At Elite TransLingo, we strive to facilitate accurate communication between our clients and their audience. Using our professional simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services that cover all world languages.
With our international and local team of highly trained interpreters and linguists, we are confident that we can meet all your interpretation requirements, from medical and legal to business and conference interpretation services. 
Some of our professional and certified interpretation services include the below specialties:
Interpretation Classes

Interpretation classes for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Get qualified to be a professional interpreter.

Language Learning Services

Learn a new language among more than 150 languages and start your own career in the language industry.

Certified interpretation services for seamless bilingual customer communication. With our qualified team of certified interprets all over the country, we do have both the experience and right resources to serve your interpretation requirements.


We can also find the right interpreter in any international location if needed. Count on us and send us a detailed requirement with the time, date, and address, and one of our project managers will get back to you shortly.
USCIS & Immigration Interpreting Services

Professional USCIS & Immigration interpreting services covering every city, and state inside the USA with more than 150 languages and dialects. 

US Court Certified Interpreter?

Need a State or Federal court certified interpreter for your legal deposition, mediation, or arbitration appointment? Just drop us a note and one of our team can be ready on short notice.

The Interpretation services section in our company is concerned with facilitating oral communications both simultaneously and consecutively between our customers and their respective clients.


Since Elite TransLingo covers more than 150 of the world languages, our professional and certified interpreters are ready to help you with any simultaneous or consecutive translation or interpretation services. We also provide professional over-the-phone interpretation services both inside the state of California and nationwide.

Interpretation is the act of explaining the meaning of something. From which it comes the stylistic representation of creative work or dramatic role according to the oxford dictionary.

Since our goal is to bridge the communication gap between you and your clients, we always ensure that your message will be as clear and accurate as possible. Our certified language interpreters do not only convey every semantic element of the language, but they do also convey every intention and feeling of the message that the source-language speaker is directing to the target-language recipients.


At Elite TransLingo, we cover all the US states and cities. We also send our professional, accredited, and certified translators and language experts overseas if requested. Our interpreters are ready to come to your business inside the US or even visit your company’s branch abroad for help with fluent interpretation services. We also provide certified interpretation services for courts, law offices, and business meetings. In addition to conferences, technical consultation sessions, human resources interviews, and professional language escorting services in the USA for tourists who can not speak English.

The Difference Between Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation Services

A critical difference between simultaneous and consecutive interpretation is the time between the act of interpreting and message playback phases. Simultaneous interpreters have a shorter time to structure the speech, whereas consecutive interpreters have more time to do so. This allows them to avoid a literal translation and summarize the speech.

Consecutive interpreters are more flexible and can be more precise. They also have more control over the situation. While Simultaneous interpreters must be able to process the speaker’s speech and translate it accurately in a short time.

Simultaneous interpreters must compensate for this lack of time by using their best judgment. Consecutive interpreters have more time to analyze the message and cultural differences before delivering it to the audience.

Simultaneous Interpretation Services For Conferences, Virtual Zoom, And Microsoft Teams Meetings

Elite TransLingo adopted Zoom and other virtual interpretation technology, Due to COVID-19 and social distancing. At Elite TransLigno, we help clients connect directly with qualified interpreters through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meets. 

We service broad areas of clients, from small business meetings to big organizations’ webinars. And from School parent meetings to workshops and employee presentations.

Zoom and virtual interpreting allow us to bridge the gap of communication with clients, and at the same time, we help keep our local and national communities safe.

At Elite TransLingo, our simultaneous interpretation service is ideal for conferences and Zoom meetings since the interpreters can relay information at lightning speed. They also don’t need to slow down to take note of non-verbal cues, which allows them to focus more on the message. 

At Elite Translingo, we do virtual interpretation services and, at the same time, cover more than 150 languages. Our languages include Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Dari, Pashto, and others.  If you need Zoom interpretation services or any other virtual platform interpreting,  look no further and contact us now for a risk-free quote.

When selecting consecutive and simultaneous interpretations, it is crucial to understand their differences. Understanding the difference will make it easier for the client to get a suitable quotation for the interpretation services.

In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter receives information from the speaker during the event and translates it in real-time. This enables continuous communication throughout an event. The difference between the two types of interpreting can affect how people communicate.