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Machine Translation Post Editing Services

Machine Translation Post Editing Services From Elite TransLingo


Machine Translation Post Editing Services, refer to the process of refining and improving machine-generated translations by human linguists and editors. Machine translation is an automated process where software algorithms translate text from one language to another. While machine translation has become increasingly sophisticated, it often produces translations lacking the nuances, context, and accuracy required for professional and high-quality communication.

To overcome this constraint, Elite TransLingo employs proficient human linguists and editors who meticulously examine and rectify the output generated by machine translation systems. These seasoned editors intricately refine the translations, ensuring their precise conveyance of the source text’s intended significance, context, and cultural subtleties. Through the infusion of a skillful human touch into machine-generated translations, post-editing elevates the overall legibility and coherence of the content.


Machine Translation Post Editing Services: Enhancing Language Accuracy and Efficiency

In today’s globalized world, businesses and individuals frequently need accurate translations to communicate effectively across linguistic barriers. Machine translation has emerged as a valuable tool, but it often requires human intervention to achieve the level of accuracy necessary for professional use.

The Importance of Machine Translation Post-Editing Services

Machine translation post editing servicesMachine translation technology has significantly advanced in recent years, providing quick and accessible translations. However, these translations often lack the nuances and context that human translators can grasp. Machine Translation Post Editing Services are essential to:
  • Achieve Language Accuracy: Human linguists and editors can fine-tune translations, ensuring that they accurately convey the intended meaning, context, and cultural nuances of the source text. This is an edge only human linguists can provide, especially when the team has related experience in the subject matter.
  • Maintain Consistency: Post-editing ensures consistency in terminology and writing style, creating a unified experience for readers. This can be maintained by using unified glossaries for all translations.
  • Improve Readability: Human linguists, translators, and experienced editors can refine machine-generated translations to make them more readable and engaging, which is crucial for professional communication.
  • Save Time and Resources: By leveraging machine translation technology and post-editing, businesses can achieve faster turnaround times and optimize their translation workflows, especially with big-volume projects using multi-languages where translators need to be native in each language.


Advantages of Machine Translation Post-Editing Services
The combination of machine translation and human post-editing offers numerous advantages, making it a popular choice for businesses and individuals alike:
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Machine translation reduces the initial translation costs, and post-editing by human experts is more economical than complete manual translation.
  • Faster Turnaround: The use of machine translation as a starting point speeds up the translation process, allowing for quicker delivery of translated content.
  • Consistency Across Projects: With proper post-editing, consistent language and terminology are maintained throughout multiple translation projects.
  • Wide Language Coverage: Machine translation supports numerous languages, and post-editing ensures accurate translations for various target languages.

Machine Translation Post Editing Services in Different Industries

Machine Translation Post Editing Services have found applications across various industries, including:

1. E-commerce and Retail

In the e-commerce sector, where product information and descriptions need to be translated for international markets, post-editing ensures that accurate and compelling content reaches customers worldwide. Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) services for e-commerce and retail often demand high linguistic quality and rapid turnaround time and are an effective way to cut costs while meeting deadlines quickly. When faced with such projects, MTPE may provide cost savings while providing results promptly.

2. Legal and Compliance

Legal documents require precise and unambiguous translations. Post-editing guarantees that legal terminology and complex language are accurately conveyed, reducing the risk of misinterpretation.

3. Medical and Healthcare

In the medical field, where patient safety is paramount, precise translation of medical documents and reports is critical. Machine Translation Post Editing Services assure accuracy and compliance with regulations.

4. Travel and Tourism

For the travel industry, post-editing allows businesses to communicate effectively with travelers in different languages, promoting tourism and facilitating international bookings.

5. Gaming and Entertainment

In the gaming and entertainment sector, where immersive experiences rely on high-quality translations, post-editing enhances the localization of content and ensures cultural relevance.

Elite TransLingo Provide The Proper MTPE Services You Are Looking For. Get In Touch Today For A Free Quote

Machine Translation Post Editing Services play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between automated translations and human-like accuracy. This powerful combination enables businesses to communicate effectively with international audiences, penetrate new markets, and strengthen global connections. At Elite TransLingo, our Machine Translation Post Editing Services are a valuable resource for achieving language accuracy and efficiency by optimizing translation workflows and ensuring linguistic precision. Get in touch for a free estimate. Contact us today.
Reasons To Go Elite With Your Machin Translation Post Editing Services!
When choosing Elite Translingo for your Life Sciences translation services, we do not just provide regular translation; we provide localized content that matches the target audience regarding their experience and cultural background. In addition, when you choose Elite TransLingo, we provide the following privileges:

When it comes to Machine Translation Post Editing, Elite TransLingo is the one to choose. Because the act of translation is a human Art, not a procedure or process, we do not jeopardize the accuracy of information by subcontracting or reassigning our client’s valuable content except to our trusted and experienced team of professional linguists.   We abide by the human translation quality, and we make sure that your documents and files are certified with a quality check that meets the regulatory linguistic requirements.

At Elite TransLingo, our specialized life sciences translators understand the context, use appropriate terminology, and translate with precision. Above all, we do QA and proofreading on the finalized translation before sending to the end client.

At Elite TransLingo, we are here for your help. With over two decades of experience, we have worked with top companies and organizations worldwide who trusted us with their confidential material for MachineTtranslation Post Editing services. Working from coast to coast and globally allowed us to build a solid client base that entrusted Elite TransLingo with their MTPE projects.


On top of that, we sign strict non-disclosure agreements with our linguists, project managers, and localization experts to ensure all our clients’ information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.
At Elite TransLingo we provide the industry’s most affordable Machine Translation Post Editing rates. With different pricing models, we simultaneously provide high-end, human translation services that are cost-friendly. Because we are a one-stop language shop, we adopted the most affordable techniques to deliver quality human document translation services at the most affordable rates.
Localization cost will depend on the length of the files, format, and language. We work with more than 150 languages, and our linguists are always ready for even last-minute localization requests. To order a free estimate on your localization project, please click here.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A: Machine translation involves the automatic translation of text by software algorithms, while post-editing refers to the human revision and refinement of the machine-generated translations to enhance accuracy and readability.

A: While machine translation can provide quick translations, it may not be accurate enough for professional use. Post-editing is crucial to ensure linguistic precision and cultural context.

A: Machine Translation Post Editing Services employ experienced translators who are well-versed in handling sensitive content and ensuring confidentiality and accuracy in legal translations.
A: Yes, reputable language service providers offer Machine Translation Post Editing Services for a wide range of languages, catering to diverse global audiences.
To make the most of machine translation post-editing services, it’s best to employ experienced editors in the target languages and subject domains. When submitting the machine translation for editing, provide clear instructions regarding specialized vocabulary, important terminologies, and any specific translation requests.
There may be risks in using machine translation post-editing if the output quality is not thoroughly checked. The final translations may occasionally contain errors that could impact the meaning and communication. To mitigate these risks, it’s advisable to rely on specialized human editors to ensure the quality of the final translation.
The delivery methods typically depend on your preferences and project requirements. Machine translation post-editing services can be delivered through online platforms, email, collaborative translation tools, or specialized translation management systems, depending on the service provider’s capabilities and your specific needs.