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Military & Aerospace Translation

aerospace translation services

Military & Aerospace Translation  Services

Military and Aerospace translation has been the center of our specialty since 1995. Because when it comes to Military and technical translation services, it is very crucial to choose the right partner for your resources. Not only because of the highly technical and confidential nature of the Aerospace and military documents but also because of the translation quality. When it comes to Military and Aerospace translation and localization services, Elite TransLingo is the Partner of your choice. CONTACT US today and get a risk-free quote for your military translation request.

Confidential Military Translation 

Aerospace Translation ServicesOther than providing high-quality military translation services, we also provide our clients – such as “Lockheed Martin”- with the most confidential Document translation services in the industry when it comes to Defense and Aerospace translations. That is because most of our qualified linguists are native US citizens who pass a strict background check. Not to mention that our military translators have security clearances, and we sign rigid Non-Disclosure Agreements with all of our linguists.

Effective communication across language barriers is crucial for military operations and international relations in today’s interconnected world. For military organizations, it is essential to have accurate and confidential translations of sensitive documents. This is where our confidential military translation services come in.

At Elite TransLingo, we use specialized translators who have extensive knowledge and experience in military terminology and procedures. We do not assign any part of our Military and Aerospace translations overseas like other vendors do, so rest assured your military and defense translated documents are in good hands!

Certified Military Document Translation

At Elite TransLingo, we have been doing certified document translation services for Military purposes for over a decade, from personal certificates needed for military recruitment centers to technical military manuals and handbooks. We are here to help to serve your most technical certified military translation needs.

We include with all of our certified military translations a certification of accuracy printed on our company’s letterhead with our stamps and signatures for the translation to be accepted for all kinds of official purposes, including but not limited to Military recruitment procedures, USCIS, immigration…etc. We can also mail our certified translations either to the military recruitment center or to the direct client as requested.

Our certified medical translation services cover all the main local languages, such as Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Korean, German, French, Italian, Khmer, Tagalog, Thai….etc., plus 100 more languages. Regardless of where the certified translation is needed in the US, we serve our certified translations all over the country, from San Francisco to New York and from Alaska to Texas.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an immediate translation quote if you need certified Military translation services; we are here to help. With our years of experience in that field, Elite TransLingo is your trusted military translation partner.

Military and Aerospace Translation Covering More Than 100 Languages With Precision!

At Elite TransLingo, we cover over 100 languages with high quality and affordable rates, and we also do support all the local US languages that are required for military, and Aerospace translation purposes, primarily; Arabic, Kurdish, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Pushtu, Farsi, Urdu, Dari, French, Spanish, German, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, and many other languages. Contact us today with a detailed request, and we will get back to you with a free quote momentarily.

On-Site Interpreting Services

At Elite TransLingo, we proudly serve our Military with the most qualified and certified Military interpreters in the market. Whether over the phone, On-site interpreting, or even overseas. Our qualified military interpreters have the right experience and the qualifications to meet your most specific requirements.  From Arabic to Swahili, we can cover your interpretation requirements for language at any time and anywhere. Just drop us a note with the interpretation’s time, date, and address needed. And one of our project managers will get back to you momentarily.

Our Aerospace and Military Translation Services Include the Following Expertise:

  • Airline Operation, Health, and Safety Manual
  • Defense and Military RFP and Bid Translation
  • Cultural Consultations for Foreign Markets
  • Training materials translation and localization
  • Technical (CAD) drawings and work procedures
  • Technical Aerospace & Defense Patents and Proposals
  • On-Site Defense & Aerospace Interpretation Services
  • Aerospace and military documentation & Reports
  • Aerospace Transcription and Subtitling Services
  • Engineering materials and presentations