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Privacy Policy

Client’s Information and its Confidentiality 

Elite TransLingo shall apply all necessary procedures and measures to keep the client’s information private and confidential, including the client’s documentation, records, files, payment information, and any transmitted communication. Elite TransLgino shall not publicly divulge any private, personal, or confidential information for their clients at any time, without official written authorization, declaration, or signed and dated consent from the clients.

Elite TransLingo shall not share any private information of their clients with any other authority with the exception of Elite TransLingo’s employees, translators, interpreters, and subcontractors who are previously authorized by Elite TransLingo and its clients, and who are in need of such information shared by the client to perform their translation, interpretation, transcription, localization, and calligraphy services.

Our privacy statement above shall not be applicable in the event that the client’s information becomes a public domain available to the public, and in the event that Elite TransLingo is required by law to communicate such information.

We do not assume any liability for the way in which the translation is used by the customer, or by any other third party. We do not also guarantee that the original presented to us for translation is a genuine document.

 Terms of Use, and our Language Quality Guarantee

Elite TransLingo is committed to delivering the best possible translation, interpretation, and language service quality to its clients. If for any reason our client is not happy with the work, we can send another version of the work as soon as possible and free of charge. Our Quality Guarantee policy for a free-of-charge corrected version of the work is limited to a time frame of 30 days from receiving the written document translation, and localization services presented on our website.

No partial or total refund shall be issued to the client if asked after a period of thirty days from issuing the payment and delivering the original translated documents, the original files, or any other language services advertised on our website.

For any written translation services, and in the event that a client cancels an order after 24 hours of assignment, all work already translated shall be billed at 100%, while work that is not translated yet shall be billed at 50%.

For any language interpretation assignments, Elite TransLingo has two business days ahead of the date of the assignment for any interpretation cancellation request that might be asked by the customer. If the interpretation assignment is canceled within our two business days time frame, a full refund shall be issued to the client without any questions asked. In the event that a client cancels any interpretation assignment after our two business days cancellation time-frame policy, no partial or full refund shall be issued to the client. All parking and mileage fees are to be paid by the client or as agreed on each assignment.