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French Translation Services

French Translation, Proofreading, and Localization Services

French languageFrench as a language is spoken by more than 53 million people around the world. French is also the official language in twenty-two counties, and the co-official language in countries such as Belgium, Canada, Haiti, Madagascar, and Switzerland. The Modern French Language belongs to the group of so-called “Romance” languages which include Spanish (Castilian), European Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian, and Catalan. All those languages are derived originally from Vulgar Latin.

We at Elite Translingo are serving professional French translation, interpretation, localization, voice-over, and proofreading services for over a decade. Our services cover all kinds of French dialects (Canadian and European) and all kinds of industries, and language specialties. Our French translation services extend from certified small documents, letters, and certificate translations for immigration and official purposes, to big-volume books, employee handbooks, websites, software, and application translation services. Not to mention the other unique French language services.

Canadian French Vs. European French


Candian French Translation ServicesIt is always recommended to consider your target audience before venturing into any kind of French translation. Because the French of Europe is a little different from North America and Canada French. There are many accentual adjectives and noun preferences, like the French of Belgium and Switzerland.

As a result of Quebec’s political isolation from France, the French spoken in Canada ( in the Province of Quebec) differs from the standard modern European French of France. This political isolation came after the defeat of French colonial armies by the British Empire in the Battle of Montreal. So it is essential to define your language needs before starting French translation.

Even though differences might not be major sometimes, speaking French for Canadian audiences will still make a big cultural difference. Whether you need Canadian French or European French, we at Elite TransLingo have the right accredited translators to fit all your language needs and requirements. Ordering your French translation, localization, or proofreading services is few, easy, and simple. Use our online quotation form to ask for a free, no-obligation, instant French translation quote. One of our French translation project managers will get back to you in real time with an immediate cost estimate and turnaround delivery expectation.

Certified French Translation Services

We provide official, certified, and notarized French document translation services. We provide services to law offices, courts, doctors, and local individuals for USCIS and immigration use.

Legal French Translation Services

It is very crucial to understand any legal document before taking action. We help local courts, lawyers, legal immigrants, and US citizens translate and certify their French documents…

Medical French Translation Services

To better communicate with doctors and patients, we provide accurate French medical translation services, including- medical reports, medical patient records, and medical presentations…

Financial French Translation Services

Financial French translations are the cornerstone of every business. We do financial translation services daily for documents, from financial letters to bank statements and tax reports.

Affordable French Translation Rates with Reliable Translation Quality Levels

Our rates for French translations, interpretation, localization, and proofreading services are affordable and competitive. All translations and proofreading are done by native human French translators only. Unlike competitors, we do not use machine translations to deliver our final translated documents.

We use Translation memory tools sometimes for the final translation’s general quality and consistency purposes. The same translator accomplishes our French translation and proofreading services before delivering the final translated work.

We also offer additional proofreading and editing services by different French translators and linguists to maximize the quality levels of our French translation services. Before delivering the French translation to the end client, our translation project manager will ensure that the translation is equivalent in format and layout to the source file.