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Certified Translation Company

“You Can Depend On”

Certified translation Company- Elite TransLingoIf you are looking for a certified document translation that can be accepted for official purposes? Look no further; at Elite TransLingo, we do all kinds of official translations, from personal USCIS  and Immigration certificates to law offices, courts, patents, and legal agreements translations.


With over a decade of experience, we can help you achieve your certified translation goals. We translate, certify, and notarize all kinds of foreign documents and certifications. We cover all the local languages, such as Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Pashto, and over 100 languages more.

Global Language Solutions

“Your Ultimate Destination for Professional Language Services”
Certified Translation Company offering document translations that are accurate and official. Professional translation services by specialized human linguists with years of experience. Fast turnaround times, confidentiality, and on-time delivery. 150 languages… read more.
Certified human interpretation services are at your fingertips.  For legal, medical, technical, conference, and business interpreting. Serving both in-person, over-the-phone, and conference interpretations at its best. More than 150 languages are covered… read more.
Adaptive localization services for your website, software, and mobile applications. With Elite TransLingo, you can reach your target audience in their own native tongues. Sell your product or service worldwide at ease and explore new promising global market shares… read more.
Certified transcription services for legal, medical, business, and personal use. Over a decade of experience in audio and video transcriptions. Human-powered transcription and translation service that is 100% accurate for official purposes such as courts and law offices… read more.

High-Quality Human Translation Services

Rigorous Translation Quality Management


  • Native Human Language Experts
  • Professional Linguists And Meticulous Editors
  • Savvy Desktop Publishing Engineers
  •  Dedicated Project Managers For Each Client
  • On-Time Project Delivery and Excellent Customer Service
Human proofreading of translation services- Elite TransLingo


Quality Standards 
Extreme quality standard translation measures that include professional translation, proofreading, editing, DTP, and reviewing all projects before delivery.

Safe And  

All of our clients’ files, documentation, records, payments, contact information, and any other transmitted communications are 100% safe, secure, and confidential. 


We strive to deliver all our projects on or before the agreed deadlines. So rest assured that your rush, time-sensitive project will be delivered on time.
Certified Translation Company Trusted By The Top Main World Brands, Corporates, And International Organizations. 
As a certified translation company, Elite Translingo has earned the trust of the world’s top brands, corporations, and international organizations. Choose us as your certified translation company and your professional translation services provider that embody trust and quality. Also, our translation service is backed by a longstanding commitment to excellence and dedicated customer support. In fact, our noteworthy project statistics highlight the scope of our contributions, showcasing our dedication to providing tailored language solutions for local and global organizations, small businesses, and individuals alike. Contact Elite TransLingo today to get a free quote with a trust.
+15K Linguists Available Worldwide
200 Languages Covered Even The Rarest Ones
+35K Satisfied Clients Globally
70 Million Words Translated

Industry Expertise

High-end Technical Translation Services For Your Own Industry. With The Help Of Our Specialized Technical Translators, We Can Do Your Technical translations The Way It Is Supposed To Be Done. Reach Your Customers Globally And Grow Your Local Business. Choose The Service You Want From Below. 









As a certified translation services provider, Elite TransLingo has a flexible pricing model: per page, per word, or per hour. Depending on the nature of each project and for the benefit of our own clients, we deliver the most reliable language services at the most competitive and affordable rates in the translation market. All that you need to do is upload your files through our secure website, and we will get back to you momentarily with an instant risk-free quote.
Deadlines are one of the most important factors for our clients.  That is why we always strive to deliver all projects on or before the due delivery time. If you have last-minute translations, lots of files, and multiple languages, no worries we can also handle rush jobs, and meet the shortest deadlines. Our pool of experienced linguists is already ready for help. Just trust your files with Elite TransLingo, and let us do the rest.
If your document confidentiality is your biggest worry, then you do not have to consider this an issue. With Elite TransLingo, we treat clients’ documents, emails, files, and every correspondence with the utmost confidentiality. We even sign strict NDA agreements with all of our translators. We also discard all materials after the project’s completion as per the client’s requests. So rest assured that your files are in safe hands!
At Elite TransLingo we do have both the experience and the right resources to accomplish your project that way it should be. As we have been working with fortune 500 companies for over a decade including but not limited to; Chevron, Cisco, General Motors, AT&T, JPMorgan Chase, and many others. Covering over 150  languages with more than 35000 translators and professionals all over the globe. 


Your company did a translation for us before, and we are trying to find out if you are still around and may be interested in doing another translation… Your last translaiton work was excellent, Thank you so much for your service and looking forward to continue working with youBAYER U.S.