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Medical Translation Services


More Than 25 Years Of Experience In The Medical Translations And Medical Language Industry. Covering More Than 100 Languages With Medical Terminology. Our Medical Translation Services Include:
  • Certified Medical Document Translation Services
  • Certified Medical Interpretation Services 
  • Medical Devices and Technical Translation Services
  • Certified Pharmaceutical Translation Services
  • Certified Life Sciences Translation Services
Serving doctors, hospitals, and clinics all over the nation. Do not jeopardize your medical reputation; get the right medical translator for a patient, medical report, or medical interpretation meeting. At Elite TransLingo, we are to help communicate medical terminology in an efficient and confidential manner. Get your risk-free quote today.
Our accredited and certified medical translators and interpreters are ready to serve around the clock. Just reach out to us with the type of translation, and one of our translators will be ready to help. With the right training and expertise in the medical field, Elite TransLingo is here to serve your medical translation requirement. Contact us today for a free medical translation or interpretation quote, and we will get back to you momentarily.
Medical Translation Services

Medical translation services are professional language translation services tailored to the healthcare and medical industries. They involve accurately translating medical documents, records, research papers, patient information leaflets, regulatory documents, and other related materials. It requires translators with a deep understanding of medical terminology and regulatory guidelines specific to the healthcare industry.

Certified Medical Document Translation Services
Accurate And Certified Medical Document Translation Services By Native Accredited Medical Professional Linguists.
Certified Medical Interpreting Services ” Accredited”
On-Demand Certified Medical Interpretation Services For Hospitals, Clinics And Doctor's Offices.
Medical Devices Technical Translation Services
Accurate Medical Devices Translation Services Helping Our Customers To Reach Global Markets With Confidence.
Pharmaceutical And Clinical Trials Translation Services
Certified Pharmaceutical Translation Services Including ; Medical Consent Forms, and Regulatory Documentations
Using The Latest Technology In Medical Translations Including Life Sciences Translation and Pharmaceutical Translation Services
Elite Translingo is utilizing the latest technology when it comes to medical translation, and transcription applications. We also use such technology to keep our client’s records safe , secure , and confidential. All of our patients and doctors’ records are kept as private, and confidential information to be shared with our clients and their employees only.


Because we sign a strict non-disclosure agreements with all of our medical translators, interpreters, and transcribers, you do not have to worry about any privacy issues when you assign your medical translation to Elite TransLingo.


We always include a certification of accuracy with our certified medical translations, and transcriptions. That certification of accuracy is printed on our company’s letter head with our company’s certified stamp, the translator’s signature on it. That certification of accuracy is essential for your translation to be accepted for all kinds of official purposes including USCIS.


Elite TransLingo is also known for its professional medical language solutions for life sciences such as Medical Devices Translation, Clinical Trials Translations, and Pharmaceutical Translation Services. Do not jeopardize your company’s medical history with some poor quality translation vendors, and contact us today for your integrated medical language solutions.
Clinical Trials Translation Services
Medical Devices Translation Services
Pharmaceutical Translation Services
Bridging the Medical Gap Of Communication!

To bridge the gap of communication between doctors and patients, Elite TransLingo is providing high quality medical translation services including medical interpretation services, and Medical Transcription services both locally in San Francisco, the Bay Area, and all over USA.

Our translation services cover all kinds of medical reports, Medical catalogs, Medical Medical patient records, Medical presentations, Medical researches, Medical events, and even medical books.

At Elite TransLingo , we understand that every word counts in the medical field. for example; if a doctor does not understand a patient’s history in another language the first time , the consequences for the patient might not be that happy. We are always helping hospitals, doctors, and private clinics to understand , communicate and translate any medical documents they might need into any language they might ask for.

We are is proudly serving the local hospitals, doctors, clinics, and medical centers in San Francisco, and the Bay Area, CA. We even send our medical translators and qualified medical interpreters right to the doors of our clients.

Certified Medical Translation and Interpretation Services in California

Medical translation servicesMedical translation services are not just a simple translation of medical content or conversations. Medical translation services are a complete life cycle of medical language project management. This life cycle involves professional medical linguists with medical background experience.  At Elite TransLingo, our medical translators can accomplish any medical document translation services, or interpretation accurately and on or before the deadline.

As a California based medical translation agency, we offer both professional on-site and over-the-phone medical interpretation services. not to men our certified medical transcription and localization services. Our services are aimed at patients that do not speak the English language. And also to help doctors communicate efficiently for the best possible medical results.

We cover all the local languages spoken in our communities. Those languages include but not limited to; Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Filipino languages. At Elite TransLingo, we always assign qualified medical interpreters to hospitals, doctors’ offices, and clinics for better communication between the doctors and their patients. Our interpreters are ready to shadow patients in every visit to the doctors. We also offer on-demand medical interpretation services for hospitals, including over the phone interpretation as well.

Our medical document translation services and medical interpretation services are professional, on time, certified. And on top of that; we offer our services within your own budget expectations. At Elite TransLingo we hire certified, professional medical language experts only to meet our clients’ requirements. Because of the rising demands in medical translations in California, our company is able to meet and exceed all quality and budget expectations.

Get your Certified Medical Translation Quote Today

Ask for your certified medical translation, interpretation, or transcription services from Elite TransLingo. With us, you can pick the language of your choice, and you can receive your quote momentarily. Once you send us a request for a quote, one of our qualified medical translators will be at your own disposal!

Elite TransLingo Provides Certified Medical Translation Services During Covid19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc and spreading like haywire, despite the stringent measures to curb it. While other measures are failing to work, medical translators across the world have come together to rescue the world. Their efficient services are bridging the communication gap between patients and medical professionals indeed. Medical translation services are certainly the need of the hour.

Medical translators and interpreters have a very significant role to play during the escalating pandemic conditions. Their extensive knowledge regarding the medical field is key to fight the worst-case scenario. From medical terms to relevant medical subjects, their consistent communication framework has helped save the world.

Medical translation and interpretation services are specialized services. They are worlds apart if you compare them to the average translation services. And Elite TransLingo has been providing comprehensive Life Science and other language translation services to North America, Europe, and the rest of the world. They have expertise in providing top-notch medical translation services for medical devices, clinical trials, and pharmaceutical translation.

Elite TransLingo has a team of certified and professional medical translators and interpreters. They all have proper experience of more than five years of serving in the medical fraternity. They have been accredited by various phenomenal translation associations across the globe. Such certification and expertise have given their medical translators an upper edge when it comes to clearly understand complex medical terms, scripts, and documents. This has made them one of the most pioneer medical translation service providers to date.

The medical fraternity is becoming more and more desperate for combatting the current dire medical situation. A medical translator’s role has become all the more vital for facilitating clear communication and translating essential medical frameworks. Some of the prominent translation services include the translation of medical documents, scientific papers, and some relevant patient forms.

The limited yet specialized force of medical translators is the need of the hour. Capable translation services such as that of Elite TransLingo can help impart the latest Covid-19 medical research, analysis, and other relevant data amongst the global community. Their accurately translated services are equivalent to powerful communication weapons. These weapons can help curb the excessive pressure on the medical fraternity. However, the shortage of skilled and professional medical translators is yet another issue.

Quick and precise medical translation services can help patients and medical professionals survive despite the ever-escalating social distancing norms. They distribute factual information on various medical therapies and vaccines for the Covid-19. It is only with the help of medical translators that the medical fraternity and patients have been responding smartly to the present situation.

Elite TransLingo’s medical translation services have certainly become the best choice for top-notch clients in the medical, pharma, healthcare, and biotech industries across the globe.