Certified Legal Translation, Transcription, and Interpretation Services

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Professional Legal Translation & Interpretation Services In San Francisco and The Bay Area, CA

It is very crucial to understand any legal document before taking an action. In the legal jargon, a slight difference in a word, or phrase might lead to an extreme cost of time and money. From this perspective, Elite TransLingo is helping local courts, lawyers, legal immigrants, and US citizens translate their documents.

Our translations for legal materials is professional, accurate and with low cost. We also help local law offices in San Francisco and the Bay Area with depositions, mediation, arbitration, and court hearings. Our certified court interpreters are ready for any assignment in San Francisco or the Bay Area.

Do you have a last minute interpretation or transcription assignment ? No worries, just give us a call , and will be able to send our certified interpreter on time.  All our legal translators, and interpreter are certified, professional native linguists with legal background experience. They are trained and tested by legal experts to understand and communicate using the legal Jargon and the legal vocabulary. Not to mention that our legal translators, transcribers , and interpreters have at least seven years of legal translation experience doing legal translation, and interpretation for courts and law offices.

Private and Confidential Legal Translation Services

Legal TranslationLegal translation is very important to local Bay Area and San Francisco residents. At Elite TransLingo , we  protect the privacy of our clients, and their legal documentations as well. No matter what kind of document; a legal contract, certificate, bank statement, or an agreement, we can do it. We also certify and notarize our legal translations.

Just send you legal document to us with no worries about privacy , or confidentiality issues. Because at Elite TransLingo, we sign a strict non-disclosure agreements with all of our professional in-house translators and consultants.

To guarantee an ideal confidentiality environment, Elite TransLingo applies strict confidentiality measures and private translation procedures. This applies when dealing with all our translation services in general, and with our legal translation services in particular. We offer our Certified legal translations to the communities of Both San Francisco, and the Bay Area.

All of our legal translators are local so we do not subcontract any work to overseas vendors and jeopardize your privacy. So your legal documents are in good hands. All of our electronic communications are manged by our secured local server to prevent any intruders or hacking possibilities.

At Elite TransLingo, we also share all Legal documentations for translation on our server until the work is completed, then we delete all those information from our machines. This procedure is to prevent any future information leak for such important legal documentation.

At Elite TransLingo, we also offer a wide range of certified legal interpretation services. Our languages services covers many languages such as as; the Spanish, the Portuguese, the Chinese, the Cantonese, the Vietnamese, the Arabic, the Russian, Khmer , and many languages needed in our community and all over the state of California.

Certified Legal Translators, Interpreter & Professional Language Experts

 Elite TransLingo can provide certified legal translation , transcription, and interpretation services in 150 languages. no matter what language you speak, we can help you resolve your legal issue with our professional legal language experts. Our local certified legal interpretation services is covering the following languages: The Spanish, the Portuguese, the Chinese, the Cantonese, the Vietnamese, Khmer, Filipino, Arabic, Russian, and many other local languages needed in our community and all over the state of California.