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Healthcare Translation Services

More Than 15 Years Of Experience In the Medical and Healthcare Translation Industry. Covering More Than 100 Languages. Our Healthcare translation services Include the following:
  • Translation of patient forms, doctor’s reports, medical records, and consent forms.
  • Medical transcription and translation services.
  • Interpretation services for patient-doctor interactions
  • Translation of drug labels and packaging
  • Translation of clinical trial reports and study materials
  • Translation of medical device instructions, technical manuals, and medical handbooks.

Healthcare Translation

Healthcare translation services refer to translating medical and healthcare-related documents, such as medical records, patient information, clinical trial reports, and other documents, from one language to another. To ensure accurate and culturally appropriate medical care, the aim is to facilitate effective communication between healthcare providers and patients who may not speak the same language. Effective healthcare translation requires specialized knowledge and skills, as well as adherence to strict confidentiality and privacy regulations. 

Healthcare translation services are essential because they help to break down language barriers and ensure that patients receive quality care, regardless of their language proficiency. This is particularly important in diverse communities where many individuals may not speak the dominant language. Healthcare translation services can also help healthcare providers comply with legal and regulatory requirements related to language access.

At Elite TransLingo, our Healthcare translation services are specialized and adhere to strict confidentiality and privacy regulations. As such, it is essential to work with professional translation providers who are experienced in healthcare translation and are familiar with medical terminology, regulations, and guidelines.

Get Your Healthcare Translations Done Right The First Time!

Contact Elite TransLingo’s fast, accurate, and confidential Healthcare translation services to avoid costly translation mistakes. Elite TransLingo is always there to help. With our years of experience in the Healthcare translation market, we are confident you will receive the best possible results at the best price.

Clinical-trials translation

   Clinical Trials Translation

Medical Devices Translation Services

   Medical Devices Translation

Compliance With Regulatory Bodies And Local Industries

The work of Healthcare  and life sciences Translation Services involves two factors. First is the process of linguistic translation. In this process, our company provides a set of customized translations, which we use to produce the final text. The second is the process of cultural translation. In this process, our company’s team of skilled native linguists adjust the contents of the original text into the designated culture to meet the legal and other regulatory requirements of the life science industry. This way, the translations are of high quality. And also complying with various forms of the different national and international regulatory bodies.

Life Sciences Translation Services is significant for pharmaceutical and other life sciences sectors. Those sectors always require documents in the target language to facilitate interpreting studies, clinical trials, and other medical records.  The main aim of life sciences translation services is to fulfill the communication requirements of companies dealing with manufacturing and developing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and vaccines. The need for translation arises at every stage of this development process. Thus, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers require appropriate tools and resources to translate their product text and its technical data into and from different languages.

For example, the translator must translate the scientific methodologies, medicinal properties, and mechanism of the raw materials used in the same production. In addition, Life Sciences companies have their own set of business-related procedures, which will require translation, and they cannot afford to ignore them for any reason.

Pioneering The Life Sciences Industry Since 1999

Life sciences translationElite TransLingo has been a pioneer in the field of Medical translation services and life sciences language solutions since 1995. For over a decade, we have been helping local, national, and international medical organizations with professional translation services. Elite TransLingo has been voted one of the Best healthcare Translation services in the USA. Because of our rigid commitment to translation quality and accurate delivery times.

This includes; hospitals and research centers, not to mention private healthcare organizations. We are specialized in Healthcare Translation Services such asClinical Research translation servicesBiotechnology Translation services, and other specialized Pharmaceutical translation services.

With our headquarter office located a few miles from Silicon Valley, California, we can help multiple California- based healthcare organizations grow in revenues. Other than working locally in California, we also work nationally and globally.

At Elite TransLingo, we provide professional healthcare and medical translation services to national and international organizations. Our healthcare translation Services extend from the USA to Europe and Canada. And from the middle east and Africa to Australia.

Decades Of Experience In The Healthcare Translation Services

With over two decades of experience in the field of healthcare translation services, we were able to build a solid client base. Our clients consistently rely on Elite TransLingo for professional healthcare translation services. And they range from big Biotechnology Companies such as Celgene Corporation  To Clinical Research Organizations such as Parexel company.

Certified Life Sciences Translations

Life Sciences translation needs accurate and top-notch technical knowledge in the same field. That is why we offer professional and certified Life Sciences translation services for official use. We have a team of certified and professional medical translators specializing in life sciences.

The types of healthcare material we translate daily include but are not limited to:

Informed Consent Forms, Patents, Patient Diaries, Site Operations Manuals, Clinical Trial Agreements, Scientific Articles, Declaration Of Conformity, Patient Recruitment Materials, Patient Questionnaires…etc

Our team can meet and even exceed your translation quality expectations. And we work only with human accredit linguists. We also include a certification of accuracy with all of our healthcare translations with our company’s stamps and signatures for official use.

 Quality Standard Measures For Our  Healthcare Translation Services

Our company applies extreme quality standard measures regarding life science translation services. The primary purpose of our high-quality translation measures is to ensure that all of our translations meet the highest possible quality inspired by  ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and EN 15038 Standards. 

Due to our hands-on medical language industry for over a decade, Elite TransLingo is the first choice of many medical organizations. All of our medical translators are medical linguists. We also choose them based on at least five years of experience in medical and healthcare translation.

Not to mention the fact that our medical translators are native linguists with excessive life science knowledge. In addition to a track record of medical translation experience with a specialty in the healthcare industry.

At Elite TransLingo, we deliver our clients the highest healthcare translation quality. This is because all translations are checked and double-checked by our experienced team of healthcare linguists, proofreaders, desktop publishers, and project managers.

The Importance Of Quality Assurance In Healthcare Translations

Quality assurance is the key to the success of healthcare translations. It helps avoid errors that can have devastating consequences for patients. The translation process is complex and requires testing and approved translators familiar with the industry’s terminology, conventions, and templates. They must also use relevant reference materials from previous projects and online scientific dictionaries. These tools can help ensure that the translation is high-quality and accurate.

A QA checker is one of the most critical tools in a translation project. It is crucial in the healthcare because the terminology constantly evolves. Besides checking the terminology, it is also critical to use translation memory tools to maintain consistency. Choosing a language service provider with a strong life science background is also essential. Inaccuracies in translation can have significant consequences for patients. At Elite TransLingo, we have strict quality assurance measures for the best possible translation results. So get your healthcare translations right the first time with Elite TransLingo and save your organization lots of time and money.

In addition to a robust Translation Quality Management System, Elite TransLingo has multiple sets of eyes checking every project. These individuals include native speakers of the target language, an in-country reviewer, and a project manager. Together, these individuals will help ensure that a project is completed on time, accurately, and without errors.

Our high-quality, experienced translators will ensure that the translation is accurate, meets the requirements, matches the target audience, and meets national and international regulations. Our quality linguists will also be familiar with the field. They have a strong background in healthcare and specialize in healthcare translation with many years of experience. They also have immense knowledge when it comes to the terminology that meets the target audience’s expectations. Our QA process includes examining the document for grammatical errors and assessing the text for consistency, style, and punctuation. 

We Support More Than 200 Languages

Due to the increase in research and marketing worldwide, especially in the field of Healthcare, Elite TransLingo has expanded its reach to cover all the world’s languages—even the rarest ones like Swahili, Assyrian, and Amharic. The most common languages we work with are Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, Tagalog, Russian, Pashtu, Farsi, Italian, French, German, Polish, and more than 250 languages.

If you need healthcare interpretation services, whether over the phone, onsite, or for a medical healthcare conference, we are here to help; check our medical interpretation option for the healthcare industry below:

On-Site Interpreting

Professional on-site interpretation services
both for the national and the international markets.

Conference Interpreting 

Simultaneous conference interpretation services by professionally trained interpreters. +150 languages.

Over-the-phone Interpreting 

Over-the-phone interpreting that connects you with the client in no time with the language of your choice.

At Elite TransLingo, we provide real-time language interpretation between healthcare providers and patients who do not share a common language. These services are crucial in ensuring effective communication and understanding between healthcare providers and patients, particularly in situations where accurate and timely information exchange is critical for diagnosis, treatment, and care.

Working with professional interpreters trained in healthcare interpretation and familiar with medical terminology, protocols, and procedures is essential. At Elite TransLingo, our professional healthcare interpreters must also adhere to strict confidentiality and privacy regulations to protect patient information. Contact us today for a free quote.

Reasons To Go Elite With Your Healthcare Translation Services!
When choosing Elite Translingo for your Healthcare translation services, we do not just provide regular medical translation; we provide localized content that matches the target audience regarding their experience and cultural background. In addition, when you choose Elite TransLingo, we provide the following privileges:

When it comes to healthcare accuracy, Elite TransLingo is the one to choose. Because healthcare translation is an Art, not a procedure, we do not jeopardize the accuracy of information to subcontract or extract the healthcare content.  We abide by the healthcare terminology and ensure that your documents are certified and meet the regulatory requirements.

At Elite TransLingo, our specialized healthcare translators understand the context, use appropriate terminology, and translate with precision. And above all, we do QA and proofreading on the finalized translation before sending to the end client.

At Elite TransLingo, we are here for your help. With over two decades of experience, we have worked with top companies and organizations worldwide who trusted us with their confidential material for healthcare translation services. Working from coast to coast and globally allowed us to build a solid client base that entrusted Elite TransLingo with their localization projects.


On top of that, we sign strict non-disclosure agreements with our linguists, project managers, and localization experts to ensure all our clients’ information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.
At Elite TransLingo we provide the industry’s most affordable healthcare translation rates. With different pricing models, we simultaneously provide high-end translation services that are cost-friendly. Because we are a one-stop language shop, we adopted the most affordable techniques to deliver quality document translation services at the most affordable rates.
Localization cost will depend on the length of the files, format, and language. We work with more than 150 languages, and our linguists are always ready for even last-minute localization requests. To order a free estimate on your localization project, please click here.