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Legal Transcription Services

More Than 25 Years Of Experience In The  Legal Transcription Industry. Covering More Than 100 Languages With Legal Terminology. Our Legal Transcription Services Include:
  • Legal Transcriptions For Depositions
  • Legal Transcription For Court Hearings
  • Certified Transcriptions For Legal Interviews

… Legal transcription services involve transcribing audio or video recordings of legal proceedings, such as court hearings, depositions, or interviews, into written text documents. These documents may be used for various purposes, such as record-keeping, legal research, or as evidence in court. Legal transcription services are typically performed by professional transcriptionists who have experience and training in legal terminology, procedures, and documentation. They use specialized software and equipment to transcribe the recordings accurately and efficiently.

Legal Transcription Services – A Time-Saving Tool For Law Firms and Legal Professionals

Legal transcription services are a time-saving tool for law offices and legal professionals. At Elite TransLingo, our legal transcription services turn lengthy audio or video files into easily readable text that can be organized and searched according to keywords. This can make all the difference for attorneys and law offices.


Legal transcription is a process that involves converting audio recordings of legal proceedings, legislation, briefs, and other legal actions into text. This type of work requires specialized knowledge of the law and a high degree of accuracy to ensure the nuances of spoken or recorded conversations are accurately captured. At Elite TransLingo, much time and effort are put into the quality of legal transcripts. We also have a reliable team of transcriptionists in more than 100 languages, and we are able to meet your strict deadlines. This can be beneficial for non-English speakers who cannot attend court trials and hearings. A translated transcript can help them understand what was said and ask questions so that they can participate in the proceedings.

It is essential to select a transcription service that guarantees high accuracy. Doing so will guarantee that the legal transcripts produced are free from mistakes and more likely to be shared with a vast audience, or in a legal proceeding.

At Elite TransLingo, we use only human transcribers to limit possible inaccuracies. Our transcribers are multilingual legal experts who can translate and transcribe into more than 100 languages. These professionals offer more accurate transcripts than automated software solutions.


A legal professional must be able to work quickly and efficiently, particularly in the face of constant demands. Whether you’re an attorney, paralegal, or secretary, your workload can be overwhelming. For law offices to keep up with all of these responsibilities, finding ways to streamline their workflow and save time is important.

At Elite TransLingi, our multilingual legal transcriptions provide an accurate record of court proceedings, interviews, and police investigations in a short time. Making it easier for judges and lawyers to understand the case. As a result, this process can improve the outcome of legal cases by reducing misunderstandings and confusion

We also offer speedy turnaround and high accuracy rates. Just contact us for the type of video transcription you need, and we will get back to you with an accurate estimate and delivery time.


Law firms, attorneys, and public prosecutors must often convert recorded audio or video into text format. The process is a time-consuming one and can be difficult to handle in-house. At Elite TransLingo, we are a transcription company specializing in legal transcription services. We can help you turn your recordings into a written document this allows everyone to have the same understanding of what was said and ensures that there are clear understanding when it comes time to present your case.

Our transcription rates for legal documents will vary based on the type of audio or video you have, the number of speakers, and whether a translation will be required. The rate will also be influenced by your selected turnaround time.

Finding a legal transcription service that offers quality at a competitive price is essential. This will save your firm both time and money while ensuring that you have the documents you need to win your case.

When it comes to certified legal transcription services, Elite TransLingo has the right experience in the field and can provide the highest quality of service possible at a reasonable cost. This includes ensuring all transcribers have the proper qualifications and certification to perform their duties. We also consider their legal expertise and professional reputation in the field. Elite TransLingo, has a large pool of certified legal transcribers. This way, you can be assured that you will have a reliable source for your certified video transcription services when needed.

Confidentiality & Security

Legal transcription services work with sensitive information that needs to stay confidential. That’s why At Elite TransLingo, we employ various security measures to ensure client data is safe, confidential, and secure. We also sign confidentiality agreements (NDAs) with all of our legal transcribers and limit access to clients’ data except for those who need to do the transcription work. 
Certified Transcription Services For Legal Proceedings 

Certified legal transcription is an essential part of the justice system and can make or break a case. That’s why using certified legal transcribers for all your transcription needs is essential. Our court transcribers are professional linguists who have relevant qualifications and courtroom experience. 

At Elite TransLingo, our legal transcribers are highly trained and accredited linguists with experience in legal translation jargon. Our translators ensure that their legal client gets well-formulated legal interpretation without sacrificing the true intent of the legal meaning. They also try to the best of their knowledge and experience to convey the true meaning of the message that is layered within any foreign language.

Legal  Transcription services are an important language solution among small and big organizations alike. Local and international companies need a reliable video transcription service to facilitate legal communication.  These communications can range from mediation to deposition, and from regular law office meetings to prolonged court sessions.


more informationAt Elite TransLingo, we have been helping local and international legal communities bridge the communication gap to achieve their legal goals. We translate and certify all kinds of video files in over 100 languages.  Also, we send in-house certified interpreters and language experts to any legal locations in the USA and overseas.
Certified Legal Translation Company
Elite TransLingo is a top-notch certified Legal Translation company. Our translators are highly qualified linguists with relevant experience in the legal field. They deliver outstanding legal interpretation services in all legal arenas. At Elite TransLingo, we deliver one of the most professional and certified translation and interpretation services in the industry. 
Elite TransLingo’s team of certified degree professionals is available 24/7 for providing meaningful and standardized language pairs. They have a deep understanding of diverse legal practices. Contact us today for a free legal interpretation quote.
Get Your Legal Video Transcription Right The First Time!

Get in touch with Elite TransLingo’s fast, accurate, and confidential Legal Transcription services to avoid any costly legal misunderstandings. Many of our clients use our services to better communicate with either local employees or their direct international clients.

Whether you need a video transcription for a deposition, mediation, court hearing, or a regular lawyer meeting, Elite TransLingo is always there to help. With our years of experience in the legal transcription market, we are confident that you will receive the best possible results at the best price.