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Over-the phone interpretation

Over-The-Phone Interpretation Services “Your Best Choice For Successful Meetings”

Over-the-Phone or Telephonic Interpretation Services refers to a 3-way conference call that is done among the source-language speaker or listener, over-the-phone interpreter, and the target language speaker or listener. Such interpretation normally lasts for one hour or two.


Our Professional and certified interpreters accurately interpret the source language of the speaker. Whether simultaneously or consecutively They successfully communicate this information in an efficient manner.


In the legal and healthcare industry, our interpreters give even better and more accurate interpretations as compared to bilingual staff or a family member. They make the best languages choices in the most sensitive, challenging, and emotionally tense situations.
over-the-phone interpreting services

Bridging The Language Gap

Professional Interpretation Services such as Over-The-Phone Interpretation are extremely beneficial for bridging the language gap between different cultures. At Elite TransLingo, our interpreters follow a professional language interpreter code to provide effective multilingual interpretation service 24/7. And help forge meaningful conversations and long-lasting patient and client relationships from thereon.

How Does Over-The-Phone Interpretation Work?

As a nationally-recognized professional translation agency, our certified human over-the-phone interpreter connects with two individuals who want to have a productive conversation with one another. Both the speakers belong to different languages, cultures, or even different locations.
Our trained over-the-phone interpreter, who might also belong to a different location, has the main job of mediating a worthwhile conversation between both culturally diverse individuals.
Our qualified over-the-phone interpreter is responsible for converting the spoken languages over the call in a neutral way. And that too, without losing the meaning as well as the essence of the content or conversation.
With industry-specific terminology and experience of dealing with varied customers ensure the clients perfectly understand the key concepts accurately. Because of our trained and certified interpreters, this process is done seamlessly.
Which Industries Recognize The Need For Our Over-The-phone Interpreters Best?
Our Over-The-Phone interpretation Services have become essential for several industries and individuals over the years. Given that progressive globalization has immensely popularized the needfulness of hiring the best-in-class over-the-phone interpreters. As a result, we at Elite TransLingo have developed over the years a team of professionally accredited and certified interpreters that meets client’s expectations.
From the most confidential interpretation service in the industry to providing round the clock support for the best possible customer experience, here are the main industries that Elite TransLingo serves:
  • Medical Industry 
  • Health Care Industry
  • USCIS Interviews
  • Immigration Assistance
  • Asylum Interpreting
  • Courts & Law Offices
  • Educational Organizations
  • Police Department
  • Other General Needs
Virtual Interpretation services
Elite TransLingo understands that the above-mentioned industries can suffer immensely in case of inaccurate interpretation. Accurate and efficient Over-The-Phone Interpretation Services are highly necessary for interpreting important conversations such as a professional diagnosis report or a million-dollar lawsuit. 
Will Hiring Elite TransLingo’s Over-The-Phone Interpretation Services Make A Difference?
Elite TransLingo follows an innovative and affordable approach to turn complex language into a strong and powerful asset for its clients. Our Over-The-Phone Interpretation services make an incredible choice to our clients due to the following benefits:
  • Expert Trained Accredited and Certified Interpreters
  • Trustworthy and Reliable services at the Global Level
  • State-Of-Art Customized Services That Fit Your Budget
  • Innovative and Affordable Solutions
  • Robust Reporting and Customer Service
  • Provides World-Class Linguists On-Demand
  • Provides Well-Experienced Team and Technology
  • Makes Best Alternative After On-Site Interpretation
  • Forge Meaningful Conversations
  • Affordable Pricing Model
The above-mentioned benefits make Elite TransLingo a top choice amongst expert industrialists looking for elite Over-The-Phone Translation services. From deeply understanding the varied regulatory and cultural frameworks to helping its customers handle sensitive situations, the skilled interpreters at Elite TransLingo are ready for any language, any place, and any time.
You can count on Elite TransLingo to meet any limited language proficiency in your team. Our dedicated professional linguists and certified language solutions such as translation, localization, transcription, sign language, voice-over, and language learning services will definitely get you to the right destination.