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Multilingual Subtitle Services

Professional Subtitling Services In More Than 150 Languages

Multilingual Subtitle Services From Elite TransLingo

Multilingual Subtitles are forms of translated texts that are extracted from an original screenplay of a video, documentary, TV series, advertisement…etc. To help people who are not native to such languages to understand the conversation in their language and in a written form.

Standard subtitles can also help people who are deaf or with hearing difficulty, to understand the conversation. Some other individuals prefer just to mute the voice and read the conversation being spoken, such as in many multi-media devices and TV features nowadays.  Multilingual subtitles are typically placed at the bottom of the screen and are sometimes referred to as dubbing or video captioning. At Elite TransLingo, we provide professional Suttling services in over 150 languages. Click HERE for a risk-free quote.

Multilingual Subtitling services from Elite TransLingo

Seamless Multi-Lingual Subtitling Services In No Time

At Elite TransLingo, we provide seamless subtitling services that can support up to 150 languages. With over a decade of experience in the industry , we are able to provide video subtitling and captioning services to our clients in no time. We support all kids of video formats, and deliver time-codes subtitle files in many languages. Not to mention that we can place the subtitled file inside the video without any extra additional fees. We can also perform multilingual subtitling services for the following:
  • Broadcast Subtitling Services
  • DVD & Film Subtitling Services
  • Commercial Subtitling Services
  • Video Games Subtitling Services
  • Educational Subtitling Services
  • Webcast Subtitling Services
  • YouTube Subtitling Services
  • Instructional Subtitling Services
The Art Of Multilingual Subtitling Servicies At Its Best 
Over the years, Elite TransLingo mastered the art of video subtitling with many satisfied clients and organizations in the multi-media and marketing industries. Multilingual Subtitling needs experienced linguists who can master the arts of language extraction and contraction. Not to mention the fact that subtitled text must be placed with the same rhyme and in the exact length inside the video. At Elite TransLingo, we support the following industries:
  • Marketing and Multimedia
  • Educational and instructional
  • Presentations and conferences.
  • Broadcasting  and news services
  • YouTube and TV Commercials.
  • Corporate HR interviews
  • Medical, life sciences, and pharma
  • Video Games and technical
Reasons To Go Elite With Your Subtitling Services!
When choosing Elite Translingo for your Multi-lingual subtitling services, we do not just provide regular subtitling, we do provide localized content that matches the target audience when it comes to their experience and their cultural background. In addition when you choose Elite TransLingo, we provide the following privileges:
When it comes to subtitling accuracy, Elite TransLingo is the one to choose. Because subtitling is an Art not a procedure, we do not jeopardize the accuracy of information to subcontract or extract the subtitled content.  


We also use the latest technology to adjust the length of the words, and localize the content to match the culture of the target audience whenever it is possible. We do all this without changing the accuracy of the content or its translation. So rest assured, you subtitling services are done right the first time, and in the way you want it.
At Elite TransLingo, we are here for your help. with over a decade of experience, we have been working with top companies and organizations around the world who trusted us with their confidential material for subtitling services. Working from cost to cost and globally allowed us to build a strong client base who entrusted Elite TransLingo with their subtitling projects.


On the top we do sign strict non disclosure agreements with all of our linguists, project managers and subtitling experts to make sure all our clients’ information are treated with the utmost confidentiality.
At Elite TransLingo we provide the most affordable translation and subtitling rates in the industry. With different pricing models, we provide high end subtitling services and cost friendly at the same time. Because we are one-shop language shop, we adopted the most affordable techniques to deliver quality subtitling services, with the most affordable rates.
Subtitling cost will depend on the length of the video, its format, and its language. We work with more than 150 languages, and our linguists always ready for even the last-minute subtitling request. To order free estimate on your subtitling project, please click here.