Certified Document Translation Services

Get Your Official, and Certified Document Translation in Few Easy Steps

USCIS & Government Certified Document Translation Services You Can Trust

certified document translation

certified document translation

As a certified document translation services provider , you do not have to consult multiple translation agencies for a certified document translation quote.  At Elite TransLingo, we provide an official, certified , and notarized document translation services. We provide our services to law offices, courts, doctors, and to local individuals for immigration use.

Our certified translations are approved by the USCIS, and all other immigration purposes. That includes any official use whether inside USA, or overseas.

Having a document in your hand is not enough for your message to go through, especially if you are dealing with the Government. At Elite TransLingo, we translate, certify and notarize your document before sending it to The USCIS.

Also we can mail free copies to any school, university, or government agency as per request. Our rates are very affordable , and our translations are complying with the USCIS requirements. We always provide a certification of accuracy printed on our company’s letter head with our stamp and signature for official translation use.

Certified Document Translation

We, at Elite TransLingo translate, certify, and notarize all kids of foreign documents and certification. Our translations include but not limited to: Marriage certificate translations,Police Record Translations, Divorce Certificate Translations,Birth Certificate Translations, College Degree and School Transcripts Translations, Bank Statement Translations, General Letter Translations, Patents and Legal Contract translations. In addition to Official Brochures and Technical Manuals Translations.

Official Translation Services


Our certified native linguists and translators are willing to help you with your certified document translations. It does not matter the language, the deadline, quality of your original document. Our team of highly trained translators are always ready for your help. Our customer support is 24/7, and 7 days a week.

We translate official documents into the language of your choice. Our translations are in high quality, and accurate. We always include our company’s seal and signature on it. To be more official, we also print our certified translations on our company’s letter head, with our stamps and signature on it. Which is essential for government agencies to call us if they have any questions.

The steps to get your certified translations are quick, easy and simple. Just email or fax your document or certification to our email info@elitetranslingo.com , or our fax number  :  (888)487-6569. One of our translation project managers will get back to you momentarily with an estimate, and delivery time.

After project confirmation, we will proceed on your certified translation and mail it back to your home, or business address always within 24 hours. If you are local, you can always stop by and pick it up. Also we always email PDF printable copies to your email once the translation is ready, and with a smile!

Certified Letters, Patents, and Contracts


In today’s globalization and eCommerce market,  clients prefer to read their official  documents  in their own  mother language. Especially when it comes to contracts, letters, patents, and agreements. All courts for example, do not use any language except their own. At Elite TransLingo, we translate, and certify letters, patents, and contacts for official purposes.

We at Elite TransLingo make life much more easier every time you need to translate a foreign document. Hence to make it even more easy on our clients, and to save our customers the hassle of court ordeals , they can always submit their documents electronically for an instant free quote. They can also fax it, scan it, or even bring it to our office.

All our language specialists are specialized court certified legal translators and interpreters. So you do not have to worry about the legal quality of your translation. We also protect your privacy and your legal copy rights. At Elite TransLingo, we sign non-disclosure agreements with all of our translators, interpreters, and language specialists. The purpose of this agreement is to protect your private legal information every time you assign a translation to us.

Brochure, Employee Handbook, and Technical Manual Translation Services


We believe that a good company image is reflected by a good translation and localization of the content. When you translate your brochure, manual, or handbook into different languages, you allow your customers to look at your products or services with their own native language. Which makes your customer understand your product or service much better.

Because you do not want your customers to pick up the dictionary and translate every single word inside your manual, we do this job on your behalf! Is your brochure, manual technical or medical? Do not worry we take care of that for you.

At Elite TransLingo we deliver a replica of your brochure with its images, and diagrams but into the languages of your choice. Which in its turn gives you an edge and huge market advantage.

Invitations & Business Letters Translations


If you are an organization with an upcoming event , and want to deliver a personalized, customized and localized message to your clients, then you have come to the right place. We translate invitation letters for weddings, events, and special occasions. We are also known for our excellent quality translations for business letters and contact information.

Because of our long experience in the translation field, we can handle the difference between casual and business translations, we can even translate your document into the unofficial spoken languages if requested. Just send us your letter , and the translation will be ready for you on time. Try Elite TransLingo, and you will be our good customer forever!

Official Email Translations


In today’s e-commerce and electronic marketplace, we sometimes need our emails to be translated into few languages before it is sent to our business partners or to our loved ones! And because online translation tools that exist can only deliver an awful, and incomprehensible message, you do not have jeopardize your name and your reputation using such tools.

If you need official certified emails for legal case, no problem, we can translate, and certify your emails and dispatch an official translation with a certification of accuracy to your home or business address.

We always deliver email translation services with accuracy and professionalism. After you send us the emails, we make sure that your emails are translated accurately, confidentially, and professionally. We have specialized native translators with long translation experience in all fields. Hence your correspondences will be in good hands, because we protect the privacy of your information.

Certified Transcription Services


Many clients are baffled because they have some recordings to translate and certify. They do not know how to extract the audio, and where to take those audio files for official translation. At Elite TransLingo, we are a trustworthy and local language service provider who can do that job for you.

As an accredited language service provider, Elite TransLingo makes the certified language transcription services an easy process for our clients. Our customers always have the option to either drop off the audio files, or the recordings to our office, send or upload the audio to our secure online server. It is that easy, just send us an email, and we will take care of the rest!

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