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Spanish Birth Certificate Translation


Spanish Birth Certificate Translation Services, Certified and notarized

Spanish birth certificate translation

Spanish birth certificate translation services that are certified and notarized are what we have been doing for over a decade. Numerous immigration agencies and government offices require immigrants to submit translated versions of their birth certificates. When applying for citizenship or visas, translations must meet all USCIS guidelines. Otherwise, they risk rejection and delays in the application process. That is why it is essential to hire a professional translator with experience translating your Spanish birth certificates and immigration documents for the best results when translating Spanish birth certificates according to USCIS guidelines.

We understand handling such complex documents while offering high-quality work at competitive prices. Translating a native certificate from Mexico, South America, or any other foreign country is no longer a problem. With Elite TransLingo, we can translate, certify, and notarize your birth certificate for all kinds of official needs, including immigration and USCIS, foreign embassies, and passport use.

With Elite TransLingo, we translate all birth certificates and all languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, German, Arabic, French, Japanese, Italian, Farsi, Hindi, Russian, and Korean birth certificates, and over 100 more languages. We also Ensure that your Spanish birth certificate documents are translated, certified, notarized if needed, and USCIS-approved for your birth certificates to save time and money in the long run.  Not to mention that our dedicated project manager will always be available to help.

Our company does not just use a ready- format in any translations. Also, we do not use machine translations with catchy prices like many phony online services do. Our birth certificate translations are rather professional, accurate, and highly formatted. %100 accepted for official needs, including United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). At Elite TransLingo, our translation business has maintained an excellent reputation and happy clients for over a decade of operation.

Certification of Accuracy and Translation Affidavits

When translating documents for immigration use, accuracy in terms of content and formatting is of utmost importance. A Spanish birth certificate translation for example must match its source document while including a certification statement certifying its accuracy to the best of the translator’s knowledge and ability. Signature and date should also be provided on this statement by the translator. Furthermore, a certified Spanish birth certificate translation for example should always accompany its original document so immigration officials may verify if its translation matches precisely with its source document.

At Elite TransLingo, we include a certification of accuracy with each and every translation. We also include a translation affidavit or a “certification of accuracy”. In addition, we print the affidavit on our company’s letterhead with our company’s stamps and signatures for the translations to be used for official needs. Also, the certification of accuracy or the translation affidavit contains a notary public stamp and its signatures for acceptance for official use both nationally and internationally, including but not limited to the USCIS…etc.

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Receiving Your Certified Spanish Birth Certificate Translation

Finally, after we certify and notarize your Spanish Birth certificate translation, we always send you two copies, one by email as a printable PDF document for immediate use, and another original certified copy will go in the mail to your home or business address as a service that is free of charge. Also, our clients will always have express or rush mailing options via USPS or FedEx at extra cost. Please make sure to ask once you receive the translation by email.