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Educational Book Translations

Educational Book Translation Services

Educationak Book Translation ServicesIf you need educational book translations, editing, and proofreading services, you have come to the right place for a one-stop language shop for all your book translation needs. At Elite TransLingo, we have been working in the book translation market since 1995 with more than a decade of experience in the book translation and the localization Industry, and with more than 1500 specialized native linguists and proofreaders. Our educational book translation and proofreading services are delivered in high quality, on or before the deadline, and with special discounted rates.

At Elite TransLingo, we apply the most rigid quality assurance measures to ensure that each book translated meets our client’s high expectations. Our translators are native linguists and language experts. We also take into account the language variety in each translation or proofreading, not to mention the fact that we address the target audience in their own language while keeping in mid the cultural heritage in each and every word translated.

Any Book, Any Language, Any Time…

At Elite TransLingo, We can translate and proofread your book, novel, or short story into over 100 languages and dialects. Our book translation services extend to include any Spanish book translation, German book translation, French book translation, Dutch book translation, Chinese book translation, Arabic book translation, Portuguese book translation, Japanese book translation, Vietnamese book translation, Cantonese book translation, and any other language of your choice.
All of our book translation and proofreading services are provided by native professional linguists with more than five years of experience in the same specialty of your book. So whether it is a literary, educational, or scientific book, we can provide you with the most accurate and cost-effective translation and proofreading services, saving you a lot of time and effort. We are also open for 24/7 customer support and will deliver the translation for your book on or before the agreed deadline.

Protecting your Legal Copy Rights for any Book Translation or Proofreading Services 

Now, you can translate and proofread your own book, novel, short story, poem, or even a newspaper article without worrying about any copyright issues. Knowing that confidentiality and copyrights are some of the main concerns of our clients, for this reason, Elite TransLingo implements strict confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreements with our local in-house native translators and linguists to maximize the confidentiality side of our translation.

Confidentiality Guaranteed 

We also apply a rigid confidentiality policy when transferring any information electronically. We only use our own secure server or email-protected accounts if needed. Applying these measures ensures that our client’s privacy and copyrights are protected while working on any book translation or proofreading.

Also, Elite TransLingo implements strict quality assurance measures to meet the high-quality standards and requirements of our Elite clients! At Elite TransLingo, we can help you communicate with your target audience by delivering a replica of your book or short story in the target language of your own choice. Take advantage of our affordable and professional high-quality book translation and proofreading services, and contact us today for a Free Book Translation Quote.