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Clinical trials translations

Clinical Trials Translations Company With Over A Decade Of Experience

Clinical-trials translationElite TransLingo is a pioneer in clinical research and clinical Trial translation services with over a decade of experience. Our company has been providing certified medical translationlocalization, and interpretation services to the national and international medical organizations since 1995.

At Elite TransLingo, we pay close attention not to the medical cultural backgrounds that are involved in all of our clinical trials translation services.We localize each and every content to bridge the gap of communication between the patient and the client. We focus on the language, the dialect, and the cultural background of your target audience and at the same time, we do not compromise accuracy.We also pay close attention to any market research and study of specific importance the client. We also focus on regulatory submission and compliance as well.

Our translation quality assurance is unique , because we have all our translations checked and double checked. Before sending it to our client, the work goes through separate medical linguists. This process assure the client the best quality standards in the medical translation industry. Trust your clinical trials, and research documentations with Elite TransLingo for an efficient, accurate, and certified medical translation services.

When it comes to medical trials and research translation services we do our job right! We assign all the translation work to experienced native linguists with extensive experience in the medical research and clinical trials. And above all we have accurate delivery times, competitive rates. So you will receive the clinical trials translations on or before the deadline. And  you will also receive the most affordable rates in the medical translation industry.

Clinical trials translation services from Elite TransLingo
BBB Accredited Translation Services
Certified By The American Translators Association
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    Clinical Trials Translations & linguistic Validation Services

    At Elite TransLingo, we also delivery high quality, efficient multilingual validation services. Our linguistic Validation services are for Clinical Research Organizations ( CROs). Our life science translation section covers a wide range of materials. All translations follow the standards and guidelines of FDA and ISPOR. Especially when it comes to Patient-Reported Outcomes, we also cover linguistic validation for the following materials:
    • Patient/Clinical Questionnaires                                     Clinical Study Report Forms
    • Patient Information Leaflets (PIL)                                  Patient Diaries, and clinical forms
    • Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO)                               Clinical Study Protocols
    • Clinical Study Protocols                                                    Case Study Report Forms
    • Packaging and Labeling                                                    Preclinical Documentations
    • Clinical and medical Brochures                                     Clinical Summaries, and documentation

    High Standards & Rigid Methodologies

    Big-name clinical trials and research companies trust Elite TransLingo because we follow the world’s most rigid standardized measures in the medical translation industry. Because we believe in the highest possible quality for our language solutions, especially when it comes to Clinical Trials and life science translation services, our translation quality is unparalleled, and our rates are competitive!

    Also, our linguists either work in the clinical and medical fields or have experience in the medical industry. All of our medical translations are checked, double-checked, and reviewed by different native, experienced medical proofreaders and linguists to make sure that the final product delivered to the client is flawless. Feel free to reach out to us for a risk-free quote, and one of our project managers will get back to you momentarily.