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Certified Bay Area Translation Services


Bay Area translation-related businesses and local communities put their trust in Elite TransLingo for professional translation services. As a certified Bay Area translation Company with headquarter located at the heart of the Bay Area California, Elite TransLingo continues to provide high quality language solutions in the Bay Area and San Francisco with affordable rates.

Our services including; certified document translation services , certified interpretation services, certified transcription services, sign language services,  and localization services on real-time and within the best rate in the market.

At Elite TransLingo we translate, certify, and notarize a wide range of official documents such as; legal contracts, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, university diplomas & transcripts, not to mention many other USCIS, and immigration related documentation.

Other than our certified document translation services, we also translate and localize all kinds of technical brochures and manuals, websites, software and even mobile applications.

Are you looking for a certified interpreter in the Bay Area for your legal or medical appointment ? At Elite TransLingo , you can find the right certified and accredited language interpreter the first time.Whether you need certified legal interpretation for immigration appointment, business meeting, law office or court hearing, our company will be able to help you send the right interpreter to your appointment.

We supports over one hundred local Bay Area languages and dialects such as; the Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, French, Khmer, Korean , and many other languages as per our client’s request.

Bay Area Translation Services For Your Certified Document Translation Needs

Are you looking for an official certified legal document, or certificate in the Bay Area ? Do not look no more, because you have come the right place of accurate, professional and official language translation services. With more than a decade of translation experience, Elite Translingo has been helping the local business communities and individuals achieve their official and certified language needs.

Translation Company with Physical Address in the Bay Area,California

Whether you need to translate and certify a birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, divorce certificate, passport, medical report, legal agreement, or even a website, just give us a call at our local Bare Area phone number : 510-332-0342.  You can also pay us a visit during our normal business ours at our Hayward headquarter address: 24301 Southland Drive, Hayward, CA.94545. our offices are always open without appointments from 9:00 to 5:30 Monday to Friday.

Unlike other language vendors who work from their website only, and who do not claim responsibility for their translated documents,  We have a physical headquarter address in the Bay Area, CA. Our Hayward office is always open for our customers to drop off and pick up documents.

At Elite TransLingo, we mail the original certified stamped and signed translations free of charge.  Our company is official, registered Bay Area Translation Agency with physical location and address.We are also a Better Business Bureau ( BBB) accredited and certified business as well, so rest assured your official documents are in good hands!

At Elite TransLingo, We Provide Certified Translation Services in The Bay Area, CA for the Following Types of Documents : 

Birth certificate translation – Marriage certificate translation- Divorce certificate translation- University diploma translation- Marriage licence translation- School, college and university degree translation- School transcript translation- High school diploma translation- Passport & immigration translation- Visa and USCIS documentation translation- Driver license and DMV documentation translation- USA apostilles translation- Official affidavit translation-Death certificate translation – Adoption document translation- Medical statement & medical reports translation- Immunization & Health records translation and notarization- Court hearings, and tax reports translation- Others

Quick Facts About The Bay Area

The Bay Area, ranks number 19th in the wold economy with a GDP of $535 billion dollars. Based on this statistics, the Bay Area has the highest GDP Per Capita in the United States. Also the Bay Area, is at the cutting edge of the global and worldwide technology. The Bay Area is also a leader in different fields of industry, research and development, and is the highest density of venture capital firms in the entire world.

San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose are among the three largest cities in the Bay Area  in economy and population. The Bay Area is well known for its good weather conditions all year around. Is is also the headquarter for some of the world’s well known global organisations such as Google, Apple, and other big names in the technology and IT industry.

The Bay Area has one of the most efficient rabid transit systems in California. The BART system services San Francisco Bay area, Oakland, San Mateo County and Santa Clara County. BART has its own police force, with 206 legally sworn-in law enforcement officers and 96 other staff members.

MUNI covers 47 square miles of the Bay area with seven light rail lines, historic streetcars, three cable car lines and 63 bus routes. San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency operates BART and MUNI. It manages all forms of San Francisco Bay area transportation and traffic, including bicycles, pedestrians, taxis and parking. With this efficient public transit system, it is very easy to move around in San Francisco or in the Bay Area using the Bart or a MUNI if you decide to leave your personal transportation behind!

Simultaneous Conference Interpretation Services In the Bay Area, California


When it comes to planning a simultaneous conference interpretation in the Bay Area, Elite TransLingo is your optimal local choice. At Elite TransLingo we communicate your message in a seamless, professional and cost-effective fashion.

We provide both conference interpretation services, and we do also rent our interpretation equipment with affordable rates. So you do not have to waste more time looking for two different services.

At Elite TransLingo we cover all the local languages for simultaneous interpretation including: The Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese,Korean, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, and many others.

All of our simultaneous interpreters are professional. They also hold the right training and certification to perform simultaneous interpretation in the Bay Area. We are here to help you locate the right technical interpreter. Just drop us a note or call to get your conference interpretation scheduled with Elite TransLingo.

Consecutive and Legal Certified Interpretation Services In the Bay Area, California


At Elite TransLingo, we have been helping local Bay Area businesses communicate for over a decade. In a consecutive interpretation, the interpreter renders the message as soon as the speaker finishes his sentence or idea.

We provides consecutive interpretation services for Bay Area focus groups, presentations, business meetings, courts hearings, mediation, depositions, and law offices. We can cover last interpretations, and we do ship our interpretation equipment overnight to any location in the Bay Area, CA.


Certified Language Services for Any Language & Any Specialty

At Elite TransLingo,we always provide a Certification of Accuracy with all of our translations. Our certification of accuracy has our stamp, the name of the translator, his credentials, and his own actual signature. We send our customers both an electronic copy of the certified translation and the actual original translation by mail free of charge, with an express mailing option if requested.

Our certified translations are USCIS accepted and approved. We also help the local San Francisco- Bay Area residents with court certified and accredited interpretation. Other than the Spanish, the Mandarin , We also cover over 100 languages , those languages are served by our professional and accredited native linguists only.

Our certified translation services in The Bay Area and San Francisco also cover all the different technical fields of the local industries including but not limited to the sectors of: IT and information Systems, engineering and Aerospace technology; Biochemistry, High Tech; Pharmaceutical, Medical, Industrial , Engineering, in addition to the Telecommunications sectors. Our office is few minutes drive from Alameda down town, that is located at : 2263 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501, USA.

San Francisco-Bay Area Translation Service Company

Elite TransLingo continues to expand its reach in California to the heart of the Bay Area since 1995. With physical Headquarter offices in Hayward, Alameda Country, California, We are proud to meet your translation, localization, and interpretation needs with quick feedback , fast turnaround times, high-quality levels. Our offices in the Bay Area are few minutes drive if you live local and above all, we have a physical presence, so you can drop off , and pick up your important documentations.

At Elite TransLingo, we cover all the cities in the Bay Area, and Alameda County.Including ; Hayward, Oakland, Berkeley, Castro Valley, Fremont, Union City, Daly City, San Jose , San Mateo, in addition to the rest of the cities of the Bay. So you do not have to send your important documentations over the internet to a company with a headquarter in a different state or even overseas. We are local , professional, certified, and affordable. Not to mention the fact that we treat all your important and sensitive documents with high levels of confidentiality.So send us your documents for a free quote, or drop it off at our office in the Bay Area and let our team take care of the rest.