Mandarin Translation ,Proofreading and Localization Services

twAs a language descended from the Sino-Tibetan family of languages, Mandarin is the most widely spoken form of the Chinese language. Mandarin is Spoken by approximately 870,000,000 people around the world. The language itself is spoken all over China and sometime it is referred to as the northern Chinese, Standard Chinese, or Guanhua. Mandarin language  is also one of the official languages of Taiwan and Singapore.

We at Elite Translingo are serving professional Mandarin translation , proofreading and localization services for our local, national, and international clients over the past decade. Our Mandarin translation and language solutions are unique, professional, accurate, and affordable. We also give valuable advises to our clients to help them choose their target language that fits their target audience requirements. Whether Cantonese or Mandarin, it is very important to specify your language requirements before starting any form of translation , interpretation, or localization services.

 Technical Mandarin Translation Services


At Elite Translingo, we are proud to serve your mandarin technical translation services with high quality and the most affordable rates in the translation markets. Whether you need Mandarin technical manual translations, Mandarin employee handbook translations, or Mandarin technical document translations, you have come to the right place for a professional technical Mandarin language solutions. With our pool of over 3000 native Mandarin language experts, we are able to help you with any technical Mandarin language requirements, and deliver flawless Mandarin quality translations, interpretation, transcription, voice over, and localization services on, or before the agreed deadline.

The steps to order your technical Mandarin translation, interpretation or localization quote is simple, quick and easy. Just use our online quotation form and upload your Mandarin files to be translated, or localized. Or send us a detailed description of your Mandarin interpretation assignment including the time, location and the subject matter of the interpretation needed. One of our professional Mandarin project managers will be able to get back to you momentarily with a Mandarin translation or interpretation price quote, and an expected turnaround time to have your Mandarin document translated and ready.

Certified Mandarin Translators For Any Subject, Any Document, Any Specialty


Our Mandarin Translators are certified , accredited, and experienced linguists, who are specialized in all the fields of the industry. Including but not limited to the fields of: Education, History, Engineering, Medicine, computers and Information Systems, biochemistry, Poetry, Literature, Science, technical marketing brochures, flyers and manuals.

All of our certified Mandarin translators and Mandarin interpreters have to pass strict language tests before they are accepted to handle any project at Elite TransLingo.  We also do protect the privacy of your Mandarin translation, interpretation, and localization materials, so rest assured that your Mandarin files and documents will be in good hands.