Reliable Translation Services Provider in California

Our Start

Elite TransLingo was first established in the year 1995 as a small team of aspiring translators with limited language resources and combinations. Now we are covering all the world’s main spoken languages, we have a huge professional multilingual teams of over 15,000 unique translators, linguists, interpreters, desktop publishing engineers, and programmers from all around the globe. Elite TransLingo provides high quality , professional , affordable and comprehensive language translation services. Our language services include; interpretation, localization and cultural solutions for corporate clients and individuals. Our services are provided with high accuracy , and within the most affordable rates in the translation and localization market. At Elite TransLingo, we also provide a wide range of high quality , voice-over, transcription, proofreading and editing services. We cover all sectors and domains of the local , the national, and the international markets. We also provide professional language consultations for those who are venturing into new foreign and international markets, not to mention the fact that we are the pioneers of translation and localization surveys and marketing studies from any language perspective.

Our Goal

Our main business goal is to bridge the gap of communication between our customers and their clients. To meet this challenge, we serve our translation and interpretation services with unique and unparalleled accuracy when rendering the exact message. We are also known for our quick replies and for our punctuality in delivery turnaround times. Our company always strive to serve the customers first, and to provide unique unparalleled language translation , interpretation and localization services that are accurate, professional, and affordable. Our client’s satisfaction comes first. To accomplish that goal we always strive to maintain top quality translation levels in a low cost, this in addition to our unique ability to protect the privacy or client’s important files, information, and personal documentations.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of highly qualified and specialized professional language translators, linguists, editors, desktop publishing engineers, programmers, and project managers headquarter in the Bay Area, CA, and offices in the US, and more than 15 countries around the world to cover most of the world languages with native proficiency. All of our translators and linguists are carefully chosen according to the following criteria : All of our translators are linguists who have at least five years of a full time native professional experience in translation and proofreading. Our language professionals translate only into their mother languages . All our translators are certified and accredited from the world’s best recognized translation associations such as : ATA,, WATA, UN, TRANSLEX , ATN, CALI, U.K. The Monterey Institute of Translation and Interpreting, in addition to The Malaysian Translators Association of Translation and Interpreting in addition to The Malaysian Translators Association .

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